What is Kakadu Plum?

What is Kakadu Plum?

A fruit native to the Northern Territories and Western Australia , which is about the size of an almond. They have a pit in the middle and are available in yellow and green.

According to Aboriginal culture, the Kakadu plum is a gift from Dreamtime and has been a staple bush food for people in northern Australia for thousands of years. Australia's woods are home to a particular kind of fruit called a Kakadu plum, which is about the size of an almond.

It contain nutrients like Fiber, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Folate, Calcium, and Vitamin E.

 Benefits of Kakadu Plum:

 Benefits of Kakadu Plum:

Eye Health

Oxidative Stress

Blood Pressure


Nutritional Value

Calories – 59

Protein – 0.8 grams

Carbohydrates – 17.2 grams

Dietary fibre – 7.1 grams

Fat – 0.5 grams

Sodium – 13 mg

Vitamin C – 3,230%

Iron – 13.3%

Kakadu Plum Skin Benefits

Fight Aging

Combats Acne

Effective as a Natural Barrier

Make Your Skin Glow

Excess consumption of Kakadu Plum cause:

– Kidney stones

– Abdominal cramps

– Diarrhoea

– Ulcerative colitis

– Vomiting

- Heartburn

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