modern home accessory or a modern-day home decor trends article is vivid according to the times of today and wise according to the times of the past. We believe in putting careful thought into nurturing your homes, to allow it to be a blooming garden rather than a chaotic jungle of humans.

In this blog, we have listed out the modern-day home decor trends that have an element of timelessness in them, and aren’t just a frivolous fad!

Lava Stone Sculptures 

Buddha busts, ancient pots, and stones are some of the artifacts that would do the best in welcoming people to your living space. The lava stone not only gives a wholesome-rustic-pastoral feeling but is also considered to have healing properties in many cultures. Lava stone comes from pure energy that is fire and it is believed to have anchoring and calming properties to the surroundings.

Mystical Aesthetics  

Do you know India is the only other country that has an entire field of study after it – Indology, the other country is Egypt. Ours is a culture of great profundity when it comes to art, symbolism, mythology, mystic. It has a lot to say and it allows multiple ways of expression. Bring aesthetics to the home with Mandala designs on walls, floors, or fabrics. Pichwais are colorful tapestries used for spiritual and religious storytelling, you can hang them onto any plain wall, or hang them as curtains. Other rustic Indian elements are animal and bird prints, embroidery or able work, hanging toran, etc.

Decorative Hardware 

The devil is the details, do not ignore them as your guests would not. Door knobs, door knockers hooks, handles, and brackets are as important as your sofa sets and chandeliers. They add to the beauty of your living space. Add some extra color to your house with decorative hardware giving you the best of both worlds – aesthetics, and utility.

Exposed Designs

Modern interior design is now synonymous with exposed brick walls, exposed concrete ceilings, and industrial furniture with a lush green forefront of indoor plants. One can see all the architectural elements that are otherwise hidden. Exposed designs in home decor can be found in exposed wall clocks where you can see all the mechanics and super eye-catching Edison bulbs, hanging directly from the wires to name a few.

Conscious Cutlery 

Ancient Indians used copper as utensils because it was believed to be the best way to eat food. This is not just a belief, British scientists have concluded that copper kills harmful bacteria – E-coli found in food that causes severe illnesses, and copper without exception is the only metal that kills E-coli bacteria this potent, and this is just one of the benefits. Not just being aesthetically glamorous, copper dinnerware has a lot more to it.


Modern-day home décor trends focus on creating comfort and expressing one’s individuality. From reviving old trends to incorporating modern elements to upcycling classics, there is plenty to inspire your home décor plan that isn’t just a fad.

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