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Here at theContenting, we focus on providing the latest and insightful information to our readers related to various topics. We also provide a platform to writers, who write SEO-friendly content.

All you need is the trending topics that add value to your portfolio as well as the latest information for our readers.

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GuidelinesWrite for Us

Before you start writing the content for our website, you must read these guidelines.

Content must be data-driven, interesting to read, and educational, which will increase the chances of getting your guest post approval

1. Content must be well-researched and relevant content with relevant links.

2. We will not publish the already published content. It should be 100% plagiarism-free.

3. Don’t add irrelevant or promotional links to content.

4. Include subheadings, short paragraphs, bullet points, and a summary at the blog’s end, making the article more readable.

5. Content must be 900+ words

6. Drop an email to pitch your topics for the guest post.

7. Once the topic gets approved, share the content for publishing

8. We don’t accept Programming Language, CBD, Gambling, Casinos, Betting, Lottery, and Adult related content and links.

9. Include the Author Bio with the content.

10. We will allow only one dofollow backlink per blog

11. We’ll change the title if it exceeds the required length.

12. If the content is found on another website, it will be deleted immediately from our website without notice.

13. Content must be free from grammatical errors and spelling.

14. If you want to add an image between the content, please make sure that you reserve the rights and send it in a zip file.

Note: We reserve the full right to edit the content, and change the title.

The above guidelines help us to build a trustworthy platform. Make sure you follow it before approaching.

Also, contact us if you want an Author Account or if you’re a reseller.

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