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Everyone is busy in their day-to-day lives. People rush to the nearest grocery store to buy food or restock the pantry staples. So, it is crucial to know how late is the closest grocery store open 24 hours.

Nowadays, grocery stores are easily accessible without going miles to shop for the list of daily items. But, we need to know the time of the Closest Grocery Store. The best option is to buy the groceries while going back home from work. Some stores stay open late at night like Trader Joe’s, Safeway, and Walmart, and some are open for 24 hours. This was a preferred way to reach the nearest supermarket for grocery shopping overnight.

How Late Is The Closest Grocery Store Open?

Opening and closing time of local grocery store varies depending upon the local ordinances, location, and type of store. In the United States, on Weekdays or Saturdays, the grocery store opens at 6 AM and closes at 11 PM While on Sunday grocery store opens at 7 AM or 8 AM and closes as early as 6 PM. Below is the Opening and Closing time of Popular Grocery Stores in the United States.

What is the Closest Grocery Store?

A grocery store or grocery shop is a type of store where you buy food, household items, dairy products, canned goods, daily staples, other personal care products, paper goods, beauty products, and appliances. Generally, grocery stores sell food items that are fresh, packed, or frozen.

In the USA, Target, Kroger, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart are well-known names for grocery shopping, and in India, Dmart, Start Bazaar, Hypercity, and Reliance Fresh. There are various famous stores in each country for grocery shopping.

Due to digitization, you can shop from online grocery retailers. The benefit of shopping online is everything delivered to your doorstep without going out for shopping.

Types of Grocery Stores Open and Closing times

In the US, it’s quite common for individuals to seek information regarding the operational hours of nearby grocery stores. This is to ascertain when the nearest grocery store in the US commences business for the day and when it concludes its daily operations. It’s worth noting that the opening and closing times can vary from one grocery store to another.

Opening and Closing Hours of Top Supermarket Chains In The USA

StoresHow Many Stores in the United StatesOpen timeClose Time
Walmart Inc42766:00 AM11:00 PM
The Kroger Co.27436:00 AM11:00 PM
Aldi Inc25659:00 AM8:00 PM
Albertsons Cos. Inc.23096:00 AM11:00 PM
Ahold Delhaize USA19349:00 AM9:00 PM
Publix Super Markets Inc.11367:00 AM10:00 PM
Whole Foods Market5238:00 AM9:00 PM
Wakefern Food Corp.3547:00 AM9:00 PM
H.e. Butt Grocery Co.3459:00 AM9:00 PM
Meijer Inc2406:00 AM12:00 AM

Due to our busy schedule, we don’t have that much time these days to go to the Closest Grocery Store for household goods. You need to keep in mind while returning home, you need to go grocery shopping at the nearest store. Yet, we are unsure about the time of day the grocery store will be open and for how long.

Many stores offer a special holiday hour or extended hours during the festive season or in the summer months. You can call or check online before visiting to make sure the store is open. You may find some services at the closing hours such as pickup, delivery, curbside pickup, etc. It is an extended service beyond the working hours.

Store like grocery store, and health food store may close their store early in the evening due to their different hours of operation than other stores.

Moreover, some store is open 24 hours, and the 7-Eleven store is your 24/7 hour grocery store where you can shop the grocery any time of the day as it is open for 24 hours. These type of stores is convenient for quick access to daily household items.

Closest Grocery Store Near Me

If you live in a metro city, you’ll find a grocery store open until 11:00 p.m. To find out how late is the closest grocery store open 24 hours, get access to Google Maps on your phone. It is a great tool to find the Grocery Store Near Me. Google Maps is helpful when you travel to a new city or unfamiliar area. Follow the easy steps below to find out,

1. Open Google Maps on your phone, tablet or laptop.

2. Type Grocery store near me. This query will show the list of the best grocery stores nearest to your location.

3. Tap on the displayed store to know about the store like address, phone number, reviews, photos, website, working grocery store hours, and distance.

4. Check working hours to know when the store is open and closed on each day of the week or any special opening or closing time on holidays or any other events.

5. Click the directions button to know how far the grocery store is from your location. This helps you find the open grocery store near you.

Why Knowing Grocery Store Working Hours Is Important?

Knowing how late the grocery store is open allows shoppers to plan for shopping at night. It is beneficial for those who have busy schedules and need to buy groceries at a very odd time of the day.

Timing also helps to save money during special deals or discount offers available at certain times of the day. People who live in cities have multiple grocery stores, and knowing the hours of operation of each store is important to choose the best store according to your schedule. Late-night shopping and being aware of which store is open late at night helps to pick up the essential food items before the door closes.

At last, knowing the store hours helps to avoid overcrowding and long queues. This way you can quickly get the groceries and avoid unnecessary stress.

Contact the Grocery Store Through Phone or Email

If you fail to get the details of specific grocery store opening and closing hours, don’t hesitate to contact the store directly by calling or writing an email for additional information about their opening and closing hours. Many grocery stores have customer support contact numbers or support email addresses listed on their websites and through this reach out to the store staff. They’ll provide all the information about the store opening and closing, as well as any changes in working hours due to holidays or exceptions that apply.

Types Of Food Available In Grocery Stores?

Various types of food are commonly available in the nearest grocery stores:

Fruits: Apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, berries, etc.

Vegetables: Carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, etc.

Dairy Products: Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, eggs, etc.

Meats: Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey, etc.

Seafood: Salmon, shrimp, tuna, cod, etc.

Grains: Rice, pasta, bread, oats, quinoa, etc.

Canned Foods: Canned beans, tomatoes, soups, tuna, etc.

Frozen Foods: Frozen vegetables, fruits, pizzas, ready-made meals, etc.

Snacks: Chips, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, cookies, etc.

Baked Goods: Bread, bagels, muffins, cakes, pastries, etc.

Beverages: Water, soda, juices, tea, coffee, etc.

Condiments: Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing, etc.

Sauces and Spices: Tomato sauce, soy sauce, herbs, spices, etc.

Baking Supplies: Flour, sugar, baking powder, chocolate chips, etc.

Breakfast Items: Cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, maple syrup, etc.

Baby Food: Jars of baby food, formula, baby cereal, etc.

Pet Food: Dog food, cat food, pet treats, etc.

Ethnic Foods: Products from various cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Asian, etc.

Organic Foods: Organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, and other products.

Gluten-free Foods: Gluten-free bread, pasta, snacks, etc.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are countless food items and variations available in grocery stores, depending on the store’s size and location. Grocery stores often have a wide selection to cater to the diverse preferences and dietary needs of their customers.

Other Grocery Stores Products

In addition to various types of food, grocery stores also offer a wide range of non-food products. Here are some common types of products available in most grocery stores:

Personal Care Products: Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, lotion, dental care products (toothpaste, toothbrushes), deodorant, shaving products, feminine hygiene products, etc.

Household Cleaning Supplies: Dish soap, laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, cleaning cloths, brooms, mops, etc.

Baby and Child Care Items: Diapers, wipes, baby formula, baby food, baby bottles, pacifiers, children’s vitamins, etc.

Health and Wellness Products: Vitamins and supplements, pain relievers, first aid supplies, bandages, cough and cold remedies, allergy medications, etc.

Pet Supplies: Pet food, pet treats, pet toys, pet grooming products, pet bowls, cat litter, cat food, etc.

Office and School Supplies: Pens, pencils, notebooks, colors, notepads, printer paper, envelopes, glue, markers, highlighters, etc.

Snacks and Beverages: Chips, crackers, popcorn, nuts, candy, soda, juice, bottled water, energy drinks, peanut butter etc.

Frozen Foods: Frozen vegetables, fruits, pizzas, ice cream, frozen meals, etc.

Dairy and Refrigerated Products: Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, eggs, fresh juices, pre-made salads, etc.

Baked Goods: Bread, bagels, muffins, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc.

Household and Kitchen Items: Cooking oil, cooking spray, spices, food storage containers, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc.

Baby Supplies: Baby bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, baby utensils, baby safety products, etc.

Beauty and Personal Care Products: Makeup, skincare products, hair care products, razors, grooming tools, etc.

Clothing and Apparel: Some grocery stores may also offer a limited selection of clothing items such as t-shirts, socks, handbags, and underwear.

Electronics: Some larger grocery stores may have a section with basic electronics like batteries, chargers, headphones, earbuds, etc.

Seasonal Items: Seasonal products like holiday decorations, gardening supplies (in spring and summer), and warm clothing (in fall and winter) may be available at specific times of the year.

Multiple Ways To Find Out Closing Time of Grocery Store

When determining how late the closest grocery store is open, several factors come into play, including location, day of the week, and whether it’s a national chain or a local store.

Store Locator

Visit the grocery store’s official website or use their mobile app to access their store locator tool. Most major grocery store chains provide information about their store hours, including the closing time for each day of the week. Simply enter your location or zip code to find the nearest store and its operating hours.

Google Maps

Open the Google Maps app or website and search for “grocery store near me.” Google Maps typically displays the hours of operation for businesses, including grocery stores. You can also call the store directly using the contact information provided.

Store Phone Number

If you have the contact information for the grocery store, call them to inquire about their closing time. Make sure to verify if their hours are different on weekends or holidays.

Social Media and Online Reviews

Check the store’s social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, as well as online review platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews. Customers often leave comments and reviews that may include information about the store’s operating hours.

Local Business Directories

Online directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, or local business websites often list store hours. These directories are especially helpful for finding smaller, independently owned grocery stores.

Grocery Store Apps

Some grocery store chains have their own apps that provide real-time information about store hours and special promotions. Download the app for the nearest grocery store to access this information.

Ask Neighbors or Friends

If you’re new to the area or uncertain about the closest grocery store’s hours, ask neighbors, friends, or coworkers for recommendations and information. They might provide valuable insights.

Community Forums

Visit online community forums or groups specific to your area, such as Facebook neighborhood groups or Nextdoor. Residents often share information about local businesses, including their hours of operation.

Holiday Hours

Keep in mind that grocery stores may have different hours on holidays or special occasions. Check the store’s website or call ahead to confirm their holiday hours.

Plan Ahead

It’s a good idea to plan your shopping trips during regular store hours to avoid any surprises. Always aim to arrive well before the posted closing time to ensure you have ample time to complete your shopping.

Remember that store hours can change the closing time, so it’s a good practice to double-check this information periodically to ensure accuracy. Using a combination of these suggestions should help you find the most up-to-date information on how late the closest grocery store is open in your area.

Conclusion – How Late is the Closest Grocery store open near me

The answer to your question about how late is the closest grocery store open today will depend on the location, local ordinance, and type of store. It is important to check online or by calling to know the specific hours of grocery stores to plan shopping accordingly.


What Time Do Most Grocery Stores Close?

Most grocery stores close in the evening, typically between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM. However, this can vary based on the store’s location and the day of the week.

Are There Grocery Stores that Stay Open 24/7?

Yes, many large supermarket chains and convenience stores operate 24/7. It’s a good idea to check with your nearest grocery store to confirm their specific hours.

Do Grocery Store Hours Differ on Weekends and Holidays?

Yes, some grocery stores may have different operating hours on weekends and holidays. It’s best to check with the store directly or refer to their website for holiday-specific hours.

Do grocery store hours change seasonally or with daylight saving time?

Some stores may adjust their hours seasonally or during daylight saving time, so it’s wise to stay informed by checking with the store or their website.

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