Handbags for Short Petite Girls

Handbags are a utilitarian necessity as well as other accessories for girls. For girls who are short, some consideration is needed while shopping for handbags of any kind, obviously more than choosing the right brand, colour, and what’s in trend.

Types of Handbags for Short Girls

1. Satchel

It’s a bag with a strap. it will give a tailored and formal look.

Satchel handbags

2. Clutch

It’s a small and hand-held bag that is often used to style evening or date night. Holds the bare minimum.

Clutch Handbags

3. Tote Bag for Short Girl

It’s a large, angular, and triangle-shaped bag with a short strap that can be worn on the shoulder or carried on the arm.

Tote Bag

4. Shoulder bag

A general term that covers hobos, crosses bodies, drawstrings, and saddle bags.

Shoulder Bag

5. Crossbody

Long strap and small to medium-size handbag that can be worn long on one shoulder and is worn diagonally for hands-free convenience.


6. Hobo

Slouchy, sometimes rounded, medium-or large-size shoulder bag with short handles that fits under the arm.

Hobo HandBag

Thus, these are the basic concepts and types of handbags for short girls who need some consideration while shopping for handbags of any kind.

Here are three factors to consider to finding the aptest designer handbags for short, petite girls.

1. Body Type

In the science of fashion, the shape and type of the bag are inversely proportional to the body type of the woman. A curvy woman will be flattered by an angularly shaped bag, and a woman with a sleek body type will look better with a loose, baggy bag. And you can a petite woman shall use a vertical, slightly long bag, unless she makes sure she doesn’t overdo it. 

2. Bag Type

As a petite woman, you do not want to look carrying a suitcase. Yes, tote bags are the best but you might want to pass the large ones for the short and medium-sized ones. Stick to medium-sized purses and bags.

3. Position of the Bag

It is also important to note where the bag would rest on your body. If you have a triangular body shape a large hanging tote bag will make your waist look thinner. If you have a heavy bust you do not want a purse that clings onto the side of your bosom, as that would accentuate your chest, you could use a tote bag as it would conceal the parts you want. We do not recommend you conceal any body parts of your, just be confident and wear what looks good on you.

Once you have understood the basic three concepts from this short girl fashion blog you can choose from the many kinds of available bags and purses online and offline, here are some of them.

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