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Earring is a favourite accessory for every woman, some of them do not feel dressed up when they haven’t put on a lovely pair of earrings. Whether you’re looking for minimalist stud earrings or elaborate chandelier earrings, adorned with clear, colourful, or black gemstones there are a variety of styles and designs to choose from the below list of all types of earrings.

16 Types of Earrings Every Woman Should Have

1. Studs

Studs are like floating diamonds on the centre of your earlobes, they are a must-have for every woman. Women generally wear them these days as they are elegant and light in weight. Easy to wear and easy to sleep with. 

2. Hoops 

Hoops are circular earrings. At times one or more circles are entangled to form a beautiful geometric design. They go well with solid colours and body-hugging dresses. 

3. Chandeliers

Save them for your wedding, these are ornate, embellished with diamonds and colored stones. These earrings are long, fancy, very Indian, and very elaborate. They are the best fit with a heavy pearl or gold or silver necklace.

4. Chandbalis 

The most favourite and every boy should gift this to their girlfriends or female friends. Chandbalis is a heavy type of earrings regardless of what they have to say, always pair them up with nice heavy Kurti and salwar kameez. 

5. Huggies 

These pretty earrings are either plain or studded colourfully. Their names are derived from their shape and making. They hug your earlobe from front to behind. They can go with any kind of dress based on the design you’ve chosen.

6. Kashmiri Dejhoor 

These pretty earrings are danglers that rest on the earlobes, these danglers are attached to an ornate chain that ends with a drop. These earrings go best with Anarkalis and Umraos. A loaded piece of jewellery that reeks of culture and grace.

7. Pretty Passa Style 

 We all are familiar with the Jhummars women wear on the sides of their heads during weddings. The design of these rings was inspired by them. They are beautiful and give just the perfect look when paired with a heavy necklace. 

8. Feather 

If you want to experiment a little, go ahead with these earrings to give you a sense of adventure and hope. They come in all colours make sure you go with lighter, brighter shades of them. Pair it with western tops. They do not go well at all with Indian wear. 

9. Marble

My personal favourites are very aesthetically appealing. A dangling shiny marble is just a fashion accessory that might come in handy any time. 

10. Geometric 

It is minimalistic and appealing for people with heightened design sense, these are the kinds of earrings one should have. Solid shapes of metal with sharp angles go well with any kind of dress. 

11. Tassels 

Tassels are for the bohemian chick look. They come in bright colours, having beads and threads dangling boldly. Pair them with loose tank tops or palazzos when you are at the beach or anywhere you wish to unwind and chill. 

12. Jhumkas 

Every Indian girl’s favorite is the inverted dome-shaped earrings. They are really cute, they end in little colorful danglers all around them. They come in mostly oxidized steel and golden colours. The only kind of earrings I like to pair with my Kurtis.

13. Teardrops 

More like tears of happiness, the name is derived from the shape as you can see they look like a metallic teardrop. They are mostly studded with an almond-shaped stone or gem.

14. Threader

Threaders are long and thin earrings like threads, they are more or less experimental. It is good to have a pair of them, a good pair to wear at a nightclub. 

15. Cluster 

These diamond or stone studded earrings are from a beautiful formation like that of a flower, always in a cluster of three, four, five, and so on. They come in a lot of attractive designs and are suitable for functions and ceremonies 

16. Barbells

Another day-to-day wear, the name comes from their shape. They look nice only on a few people. 


Earrings are as important as your outfit and to make your life easier here is the list of all the types of earrings every woman should own. Make sure you get your hands on all the above-mentioned earrings.

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