Bastar Arts

Bastar is a tribal community region that is appreciated for its high forest cover, culture, art and craft, heritage, and history of Bastar. Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh with Raipur as its capital on November 1, 2000. The state is well known for its power-producing capability and its mineral wealth.

At the time, when Bastar was one of the districts of Madhya Pradesh, it had an area coverage of 39,171 sq. km. It is larger than the region of Kerala and countries like Belgium. Today Bastar is split into many small regions. The place contains many spots which can attract major tourist activities around it. A few of them are listed as Chitrakoot and Tirathgarg waterfall, Haat markets, Kangar valley national park, Barsur temples, and many more.
Chitrakoot waterfalls are commonly termed the ‘Niagara of India’.

As far as Bastar art and craft are concerned, it is expected to be one of the best and earliest cultures in the history of mankind. Bastar culture is so rich, that it attracts major tourists of the state, country, and often foreigners. The tribal communities of Bastar are very much efficient in using just simple tools and turning a simple piece of iron rod into art as mentioned in a popular home decor shopping guide. This practice includes simple steps like forging and hammering the metal. Bastar culture has seen many changes and innovations in terms of Bastar art.

Some of the Popular and Appreciated Bastar Art and Craft

Dhokra Handicrafts

It is an ancient method of using metal artefacts by wax casting technique. These handicrafts are mainly found in the areas of Jagdalpur and Narayanpur of the Bastar district.

Bell Metal Handicrafts

Both the Dhokra and bell metal are almost the same. Both include the casting of bell metal or brass using the lost wax technique. This technique is used to carve out beautiful art pieces out of metal. It is really delightful to eyes watching the process.

Ornaments and Tribal Jewellery

Traditional folk ornaments are worn by the tribal men and women of the place to follow the Bastar culture. The tribes here are very much effective in designing beautiful and creative pieces out of raw metal.


A great variation in designing pots and bowls can be found here. They use the soft soil from the river beds and gently turn them into beautiful art pieces. The Terracotta is one of the most famous Bastar art and craft items. It must mention that the home decor shopping guide often covers a lot about this masterpiece of Bastar.

All the above-mentioned Bastar art items can be bought to increase the look of your house interior or to adopt the Bastar culture. It is also popular for its rich history and many other cultural norms. Visiting the place and getting some items from Bastar art and craft is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Getting a memento in return is what makes the journey memorable.

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