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Very less women wear Indian attire these days in routine. We are more inclined towards jeans, tops, skirts, etc. However, when there is a function like a wedding, pooja, engagement ceremony, etc., we still love to show the charm of our beauty blended with the Indian outfit. Often, beautiful ladies get confused when it is time to get ready for the function, but worry not! Today, I will share the top 4 fashion tips for a beautiful woman like you. This will work as your ultimate fashion style guide for your next function.

1. Choose the Attire Early

Many women have a tendency to think about what to wear to tomorrow’s function and often you can’t find matching jewellery or something else and you have to go with something you don’t want to wear. So the first and the most important fashion tip is to decide what you want to wear. Whether you will wear something you already have or you would like to buy something new for the function.

If you are thinking to buy something new, here is a quick fashion shopping guide, look at the trends online. Of course, you can buy online or go shopping which you love to do! However, you can find what types of clothes and accessories are trending these days.

2. Choose the Attire and Accessories as per your Body and Skin Type

We tend to go with what our friend or sister or someone else says. You better go with your instincts and the fashion style guide from your style icon or the blogs you follow. Your body and skin type must play an important role in the selection of colours and types of clothes.

The accessories need to complement the clothes. Gone are the days when everything needs to be of the same colour. The best fashion tips for women shared by famous stylists say, do something unconventional with your style. Try to mismatch or use the contrast of your jewellery and clothing to get a different style and look.

3. Advance Trial is Must

The Indian wear looks good if the fitting is perfect. The ill-fit clothes will make you look fatter and nobody wants to look fatter. Also, the accessories need to look elegant is one of the most important dressing style tips you must keep in mind. Don’t wait till the end time.

Try your outfit and accessories at least a week before so you can make alterations or buy new clothes and accessories well in advance. Also, don’t forget to try the clothes and accessories a day or two before the function.

4. Learn the Art of Draping

Whether you are wearing a saree, lehenga or salwar, you will have a pallu or dupatta. You can drape it in various ways. You can also take the help of some recent Bollywood event pictures to take some dressing style tips to drape the saree or dupatta differently which will make you look elegant and stylish.

These are the top 4 fashion tips that all women must keep in mind before attending the next function.

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