Kurtis is one of the most essential parts of a woman’s daily wear. Women usually love designer long Kurtis, and their favourite pastime is to check out kurti designs and sift through all the varieties that are given.

The most versatile thing about Kurtis is that they blend well with any kind of bottoms, be it Jeans, Skirts, Patialas or leggings. There are a lot of designs in the market to choose from and make your outfits even better. Women can even resort to contrasting colours when it comes to choosing the designs of Kurtis. Designer long Kurtis for summer is the best choice for women.

We have mentioned some of the best kurti designs in this article which would help you in your next purchase.

1. Boat Neck Kurta Designs

As the name suggests, the Boatneck kurta has collars shaped like a boat which is similar to a U-shaped neckline. However, it has a cut which makes the shoulder look wider. The designs of this Kurti are amazing and perfect for women with any face shape or small bust size. It might not be the perfect choice for women with broad shoulders, but you can always resort to different styles of Kurthi which we have mentioned in the next collection.

2. Square Neck Design for Kurtis

These are one of the most beautiful designs for Kurti which narrow the shoulders and even tends to elongate the short necks. These Kurtis go well with every kind of outfit which you want to go with and the neckline also goes quite well with pear-shaped bodies in women. The square neck linked kurtas also go well with palazzo pants.

3. Scoop Neckline Kurta Design

A scoop neck is basically a ‘U’ shaped neckline which has a full curve that is deep and has a large width. It even suits women with narrow shoulders and with a small bust. Along with that, it is best suited to women with a long face or a short neck.  However, if you have a narrow face or are skinny, then you probably might want to go with some other options.

4. Keyhole Neckline Kurta Design

The name ‘Keyhole’ is inspired by the keyhole of a lock as the pattern is somewhat similar. It has a hole near the collar bones and has quite an amazing design which is unique in its own way. The neckline also meets at the centre which forms the hole below the collar bones. This design of Kurtis is the best choice for women with tender necks.

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