Effortless styling is way more than just putting on a nice dress. You need to accessorize your dressing right. Even the simplest yet stylish accessories can transform a simple dress into a style statement. That’s why it’s important to put in the effort on buying the right kind of accessories to get your style statement right. You can opt for top accessories brands you like or simply go shopping local in a store around you with this shopping guide you get handy tips to make the right purchases. More importantly, you channel your inner diva right.

Here we lay down some classic ways to accessorize that are evergreen. You can never go wrong with these style tips right from the gurus of the International style scene:

1. Bold is Beautiful

Bold boho jewellery accessories are beautiful. When you wear chunky jewellery, make sure there are no more than four statement pieces that you carry with just one outfit. Going overboard can ruin the entire look of the outfit you’re going for. This works best with bohemian jewellery.

2. Ethnic Is In

Accessorize with ethnic jewellery, especially, earrings. Prep up the look with Kohl and thick eyeliners. This works best with Kurti dresses, fusion wear for understated romantic outings, brunches, or with friends.

3. Classic Forever

Fine jewellery with matching pieces, necklaces, and studs all teamed up with a classy ensemble. Go for high heels or wedges or even with platinum or fine gold jewellery. Anything classy – makes you look classy and not something where you look like you’re trying too hard.

4. Silver Style Statement

Silver jewellery is always in trend. You can opt for fine silver jewellery sets with an ensemble or a large silver necklace that goes all the way down to your torso in an elongated fashion. For earrings, classic jhumkas ranging from small sizes to the heavier ones – works great on all outfit. The key is to look effortlessly. Pair this look with ethnic wear or when you’re sporting Denim.

5. Mismatch Purse

Forget the rule that says your shoes need to match your bag or purse. That rule is long gone. Carry a purse that’s just you. Geometric abstract prints in solid colours, beige or bold colours – all look great. You can also team up solid colour bags with whichever outfit you’re carrying. Contrast is the key to looking effortless this season.

6. Particular Rings

Accessorize wearing rings. Pay attention to your fingers and apparel. Big rings don’t look good on everyone. Try and test different types of rings. If you go for more understated rings that are not chunky, then pair up three to four different styles together. When you go for a chunky piece, keep it strictly to just one. Avoid going overboard.


Accessorizing depends on your dress, shoes, bags, shades, and the purpose you’re going out for. The key is to avoid going overboard. Your ensemble should look effortless. If it appears that you’re trying too hard, then maybe you need to focus on the above mention point and I’m sure it will make your dressing more stylish and stand out from others.

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