Holiday Stress

Holidays can be stressful. No matter how much you enjoy your time with your family, tension can arise and you can easily overextend yourself. Just as you research the best vitamins for kids with ADHD, you should investigate ways to reduce your stress so you can truly enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Find Time To Focus on Yourself

To prevent burnout, take time for yourself. Take time in the mornings and evenings to prepare for the day and reflect and relax from the festivities, respectively. You can also take a little time to yourself during the day. This is especially important if you begin to feel anxious or the environment becomes tense.

Sometimes, taking time for yourself involves saying “no.” Don’t let yourself get into conflicting obligations or become so busy that you can’t have some alone time.


Meditation benefits your mental, emotional and physical health. It reduces stress and helps you focus. Through this practice, you can regain your peace and focus on the positive. You can use an app that guides you through mindful meditation, or you can simply spend a few minutes focusing on your breathing or a positive thought. You can start with as little as five minutes and increase your time gradually or the number of sessions you complete during the day.

Explore Therapy

If you or your family members begin to feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. If you find someone you trust to talk things out, you relieve the strain on your emotions and brain. In addition, these professionals may suggest natural remedies, such as non prescription ADHD medication. If you are already in therapy, keep your regular appointments.

Manage Your Finances

It is easy to overspend during the finances. You find the perfect gifts for everyone you love, donate to causes important to you and create wonderful dinners. However, you should budget your holiday spending. Avoid using your credit cards and increasing your debt, and make sure you can still pay your bills. Don’t put yourself in a desperate or delicate situation. Your loved ones likely just want to spend time with you, so make it quality time without the financial stress.

Enjoy Mood Boosting Activities

Build activities into your schedule every day that you enjoy. Find creative ways to exercise, including ice skating, taking walks to look at Christmas lights or dancing to Christmas music. It may take some planning to build these activities into your schedule, but you will have something to look forward to every day. In addition, fun activities give you a break from thinking about all the things you need to do or things that make you anxious.

Spend Time outdoors

Fresh air has a direct impact on your brain. You improve your oxygen levels, and your brain releases serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter. Going outside is one of the fastest ways to boost your mood, clear your mind and regain some peace. Whether you just go for a walk to remove yourself from a stressful situation or gather the family for some outdoor decorating, you should feel better once you get outside. As you test out your stress-reduction strategies, remember that your other family members may feel the same anxiety. Therefore, consider helping your family as well, including researching natural anxiety medication for children.