The term lead generation specifically refers to converting a stranger or any potential visitors to an inquiry and turning him into the customer and later the promoter. Chat robots are generally abbreviated as chatbot. This is an AI-based software program that improves continuously by taking inputs from the users and works accordingly.

Chatbots are probably the fastest-growing trend in the marketing sector. In fact, chatbots are used as one of the major players in lead generation strategies developed by experts. The role of chatbots in lead generation introduced a whole new channel of lead generation, which is known as chatbot lead generation.

Lead Generation

The Lead generation chatbots are designed in such a way that a visitor to any page is never left alone. He / She is always provided with an all-time accompany by the AI-based responders. Chatbots are taking place of the human efforts effectively in the lead generation process.

Since the early 2000, SEO and SEM ruled and determined lead generation strategies. The page optimization techniques were more focused and developers were engaged in creating more relevant content for the web pages. Later came into consideration social media advertising concepts.

All the traffic sent by these digital marketing campaigns has to be taken care of. It is faced by the companies that the visitors bounced back as they can’t find the required answers to their queries or information they are seeking for. One solution used by the lead generation teams was to put a human agent to take care of the visitor queries by offering online chat. However, there were many limitations which come with human resources.

With technological advancements, the lead generation chatbots came into existence and become an irreplaceable part of lead generation strategies. The lead generation chatbots can interact with website visitors 365*24*7. It helps in improving the experience of the visitors of the website by providing quick information or guiding them towards the resources that can provide the required information.

The lead generation chatbots can learn from the data they gather and can be trained with data to provide even better responses. This helps in winning the confidence of the website visitors and increasing the ratio of lead generation.

Chatbot leads generation is proving to be a successful model in many companies and that’s the reason more and more companies have started acquiring these chatbots to empower their lead generation campaigns.

Two Types of Lead Generation Chatbots

1. Text chatbots

Those lead generation chatbots chat with the website visitors by exchanging text.

2. Voice chatbots

Those lead generation chatbots that can attend a call and provide predefined answers. This is similar to Siri, Alexa and Google Voice, but the lead generation chatbots are specifically trained to answer the question of the prospect.

The chatbot lead generation technology is advancing and one must take benefit of this proven lead generation methodology.

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