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Traditional healthcare is one of the last industries to be affected by the global influence of digital transformation. However, developing technologies such as remote patient monitoring are enabling better outcomes and lower costs in healthcare. We’ve compiled the best remote patient monitoring companies for hospitals paving the way for value-based care.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring enables physicians and hospitals to monitor patients outside of the traditional clinic setting, where the technology may supply patients and physicians with data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More than 88 percent of hospitals and health systems are investing in remote patient monitoring technologies to improve communication between hospitals and patients.

We’ve compiled the best remote patient monitoring companies for hospitals paving the way for value-based care.

10 Remote Patient Monitoring Companies

1. HealthSnap

HealthSnap has emerged as the industry-leading Virtual Care Management Platform, supporting the delivery of integrated, continuous, and remote patient care to aid in the improvement of health outcomes. The cellular-enabled, pre-configured health equipment from HealthSnap, such as the cellular scale, cellular blood pressure monitor, cellular glucose meter, cellular pulse oximeter, and third-party Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, provide a connected, scalable, and patient-friendly home health experience.

Remote Patient Monitoring solutions from HealthSnap have eliminated the need for cellphones and even Wi-Fi, making Remote Patient Monitoring simpler, more accessible, and more dependable. The pre-configured device is brought to the patient’s house, and all they have to do is unpack it and begin using it straight away, with the automated transmission of health data to their care professionals.

2. Optimize Health

Optimize Health is an advanced Remote Patient Monitoring program intended to provide patients and healthcare personnel with a high-quality experience. The company is a top provider of Remote Patient Monitoring services, built and backed by a highly qualified tech staff and more than ten MD advisers. With Optimize Health RPM services, healthcare practitioners can begin serving their patients immediately and receive their first reimbursements within 60 days.

3. Cadence Care

Through high-quality Remote Patient Monitoring, Cadence Care is assisting in the improved management of chronic illnesses. Cadence’s on-the-ground clinical teams collaborate with the client’s care teams to improve clinical outcomes. The company’s software platform is adaptable and powerful, allowing it to manage a wide range of ailments and care routes.

4. Athelas

Athelas is a prominent provider of Remote Patient Monitoring services, allowing healthcare organizations to collect patient data while the patient is at home, enhance patient outcomes, and develop new revenue streams for the practice.

This software is used by a huge variety of healthcare organizations, ranging from large health systems to digital medical firms to solo practitioners, to develop telehealth programs, manage intelligent medical invoicing, and provide improved patient care.

5. Health Recovery Solutions

HRS offers a comprehensive, clinically enabled portfolio of patient-centric services and solutions, including effective telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring. The HRS Remote Patient Monitoring technology is intended to increase patient satisfaction, decrease hospital readmissions, and minimize clinician workload.

The technology ensures that care teams are continually connected to patients and can optimize workflows and make timely interventions to enhance patient outcomes and decrease costs.

6. Accuhealth

Accuhealth is a top Remote Patient Monitoring company known for its EHR-connected devices that remotely monitor weight, pulse oximetry, glucose, and blood pressure monitors. The devices are set up to send patient data back to the Accuhealth platform and the care provider’s EHR digitally.

7. TimeDoc Health

TimeDoc Health has formed alliances with hundreds of healthcare companies to deliver large-scale virtual care management. The company’s integrated Remote Patient Monitoring solutions are designed to communicate relevant data on chronic illnesses in near real-time, enabling patients to receive high-quality continuous care management. Among other things, the TimeDoc Health RPM platform can help reduce erroneous measurements, prescription errors, and missed visits.

8. Gyant

GYANT is a digital front-door solution for health systems that employ artificial intelligence to guide patients to the appropriate care facility and in-network services. It is ranked fifth on this list of the top remote patient monitoring firms. They assist health systems in implementing digital patient journeys to effectively capture new patients, serve existing ones more efficiently, and promote process automation across the enterprise.

The empathetic virtual assistant from GYANT walks patients through the complexities of their digital healthcare journeys. Digital Health, Triage, Conversational UI, Medical AI, digital front door, patient engagement, healthcare, care management, clinical workflows, automation, quality care, patient experience, social determinants of health, Conversational AI, consumer-centricity, and Asynchronous Care are just a few of GYANT’s specialties.

9. Ejenta

Ejenta is developing an artificial intelligence platform for the Internet of Things. They are utilizing NASA AI technology, which includes intelligent software agents capable of learning about health, predicting user behaviour, and acting autonomously. Their platform and APIs are used by some of the country’s leading health providers and insurers to construct sophisticated and highly tailored solutions.

10. Cardiomo Care, Inc

 Cardiomo is a small wearable patch that detects and predicts medically actionable CVD events and sends out notifications to save lives. It is a medical-grade health monitor with an easy-to-use UI and reasonable pricing. Cardiomo Care made USD 2 million in sales last year. It makes them one of the world’s top remote patient monitoring companies.

11. Vitls

Vitls is a platform that allows clinicians and nurses to continuously and remotely monitor a patient’s vital signs reliably and transparently. It is ranked ninth on this list of the world’s top remote patient monitoring firms. Real-time, continuous monitoring allows for the early discovery of patient deterioration, resulting in shorter lengths of stay and lower treatment costs.

12. Neteera

Neteera’s on-chip micro-radar and unique algorithms detect minute skin movements even through furniture and clothing. This occurs at a very high frequency, enabling non-invasive, seamless, and continuous monitoring of human vital signs such as heart and respiration rates, heart rate variability, inhale-exhale ratio, tidal volume, and others. Nateera, which was founded in Jerusalem, achieved USD 5 million in sales last year, making it one of the top remote patient monitoring firms in the world.

13. Medtronic CareLink

A prominent RPM software, Medtronic CareLink specializes in monitoring patients with cardiac implants like ICDs, CRT-Ds, and pacemakers. Medtronic, a renowned medical device company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Dublin, Ireland, extends its expertise to continuous glucose monitoring solutions as well. Unique for its compatibility with a broad range of Medtronic devices, the company stands out for its focus on implantable devices and the detailed data it provides on patient episodes. Its established reputation in electronic medical devices enhances the reliability of its RPM platforms, especially for heart-related conditions.

14. Biofourmis

Biofourmis focuses on enhancing day-to-day patient condition monitoring, aiming to improve clinical outcomes and reduce care costs by facilitating early intervention and minimizing emergency department visits and hospital admissions. The platform is designed to optimize clinician workflows, enhance patient engagement and care, and lower care costs.

15. BioIntelliSense

Specializing in continuous monitoring, BioIntelliSense offers devices like the BioButton and platforms like the BioCloud for health trend analysis. The BioButton monitors various health parameters, and the BioCloud employs data analytics for clinical decision support. The company’s solutions find applications across ambulatory, acute, post-acute, and home care settings. It addresses various needs like renal disease monitoring and chronic care management. BioIntelliSense has collaborated with several health systems, including a partnership with Ardent Health Services.

16. Clear Arch Health

Clear Arch Health focuses on user-friendly remote monitoring solutions that emphasize patient safety. Their offerings include the Clear Arch Touch, a tablet-based platform integrating RPM and telehealth with a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), and a traditional RPM system with wireless hub and PERS technology, catering to diverse patient needs.

17. Livongo

Livongo provides advanced devices for diabetes management, enabling patients and doctors to track blood glucose levels. Their offerings extend to blood pressure monitors and scales for weight management. The company also offers a mobile app providing personalized guidance, dietary recommendations, and exercise tips for managing blood sugar and pressure.

18. Senseonics

A Maryland-based medtech company, Senseonics manufactures CGMs for diabetes patients. Their primary products include an implantable sensor, a smart transmitter, and a smartphone app for real-time diabetes monitoring. Notably, Senseonics’ Eversense product is recognized as the first FDA-approved CGM system with an implantable sensor lasting up to 90 days.

19. Cadence Care

Cadence Care focuses on enhancing chronic condition management through quality RPM. The company’s clinical teams collaborate with client care teams to deliver improved clinical outcomes. Their software platform is adaptable, managing a diverse range of conditions and care pathways.

20. Masimo

Masimo streamlines the transition of patients from hospital care to home care by offering hospital-grade remote monitoring technologies that ensure continuous and high-quality data gathering. Their SafetyNet system, which features untethered pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, and temperature monitoring, allows for remote data collection and observation. Additionally, Masimo provides the MightySat Rx, a convenient, portable pulse oximeter for precise and quick spot-check measurements. Another innovative product, the Rad-97 monitor, is designed with a Home Mode to facilitate easy access for home users while preventing any unintended adjustments.


With 9 out of 10 healthcare providers reporting that they had invested in or were investing in remote patient monitoring technologies in 2019, the market need for remote patient monitoring is here to stay. Expect the list of remote patient monitoring companies to continue to lead the industry in 2024 and further.