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Young Thug has truly been a consistent and beloved figure in the music industry over the past ten years. Fans and fellow artists have showered him with love and admiration, especially during his time behind bars. Today, he’s widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of our generation.

Yet, it’s interesting to recall a moment from 2016 when Thug stirred up quite a buzz. The cover of his project “Jeffery,” originally titled “No, My Name is Jeffrey,” had folks talking. On that cover, he was donning a dress, and it left fans divided back then. Fast forward to today, and that cover has achieved iconic status. It’s a symbol of the eccentricity that has endeared Thug to so many fans. Let’s get into the story behind Thug’s decision to rock that dress on No, My Name is Jeffrey.

Young Thug Dress That Made Headlines

The dress in question is a light periwinkle blue piece with tiered ruffles and a decidedly feminine appearance. Designed by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone, it featured in Trincone’s Annodami collection. The decision to wear this dress was a significant move in the realm of hip-hop, an industry often characterized by rigid gender norms.

Thug’s encounter with the now-iconic dress was somewhat serendipitous. It happened during a meeting with VFILES founder Julie Anne-Quay, while Thug was part of the VFILES mentorship panel. In an interview with FADER, Larmond shares a glimpse into this pivotal moment: “We were wrapping up and going through photos from the shoot, and that’s when Thug spotted it. He pointed at the dress and said, ‘What’s that? I need it.’ He was in New York then, and without a second thought, he declared, ‘I want that for the album cover.’ It was an instant decision. He had this immediate connection with the piece.” Captivated by its design, Thug wasted no time in getting the dress. He arranged for it to be shipped from designer Alessandro Trincone’s residence in Italy to Atlanta, Georgia, specifically for his album’s photoshoot.

When Thug received the dress, Larmond stated that it took Thug an hour to get the dress on. Larmond stated, “When we got on set, it took like, an hour and a half to put it on. Then once he put it on and I started shooting, they noticed a piece was off — like something intricate. So we had to take another thirty minutes to pin stuff up and get the hat right. It took hours. Hours on top of hours.”

Motivation Behind the Dress

Young Thug’s choice to wear a dress was more than a fashion statement; it was a challenge to conventional gender norms. In an industry and a genre often dominated by hyper-masculinity, Thug’s dress served as a disruption. He was quoted in interviews saying that there’s no such thing as gender, and his fashion choices reflect this belief. By donning attire traditionally associated with femininity, Young Thug broke down barriers and sparked conversations about gender expression in hip-hop.

Cultural Impact

The image of Young Thug in a dress went viral, sparking widespread discussion. It was a bold move that opened up dialogues about masculinity, especially in African-American communities. The dress was seen by many as a powerful statement on fluid gender identity and breaking free from the confines of traditional masculinity. It challenged stereotypes and encouraged a broader conversation about individuality and self-expression in a genre that has historically been resistant to such discussions.

Young Thug’s Fashion Journey

Young Thug has always been known for his unique style. He frequently challenges traditional fashion norms, wearing everything from skinny jeans to fur coats and even women’s clothing. His style is an integral part of his identity as an artist. The dress on the Jeffery cover wasn’t his first venture into androgynous fashion, and it certainly wasn’t his last. He has continued to push boundaries and challenge perceptions with his sartorial choices.


The story behind Young Thug’s dress is more than a tale of a rapper wearing unconventional attire. It’s a narrative about breaking barriers, challenging norms, and sparking a conversation in a community often bound by rigid definitions of masculinity. Young Thug, through his bold fashion choices, has positioned himself as not just a musical innovator but a cultural iconoclast, reshaping how we think about gender, fashion, and self-expression in the hip-hop world.

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