13 Types of Videos Used in Business

From traditional to online marketing practices, as a business owner, brand promotion and maximising your online visibility should be priorities. Video marketing is a powerful, cost-effective channel that can comprise a strong aspect of your overall marketing strategy – to communicate, engage, and convert your target audience.

Why Video?

Did you know that the average person watches between one and two hours of video content online every day? It represents a powerful way to reach consumers – and more than 90% of professional marketers use video as a cornerstone of their campaigns and strategies.

Video is a passively consumed form of content – not requiring the effort of reading, more engaging than standalone audio, and exceptionally effective for capturing audience attention. Interestingly, and importantly for marketers and business owners, more people now prefer to watch online videos than television – and video content posted to social media is shared twelve times more than text and image-based content combined.

14 Types of Videos Used in Business

There are several different types of videos used in video marketing, and your business type, brand, target audience, and purpose will determine which best suits your needs. Some of these include:

1. Explainers

These are how-to or tutorial videos that show people unfamiliar with your brand, product, or services what you do. They include demonstrations on how to use a product, access services, and show consumers why they should choose yours. They also help build credibility and trust.

2. Animated Videos

Animated videos are like the superheroes of business communication. They break down complicated stuff, teach us things, and make products look cool. Whether it’s explaining stuff, training, or selling, these videos are like friendly guides that help businesses connect with people in a fun and easy way.

3. Onboarding

This type of corporate video is used internally in a company to welcome new hires into the organisation. Informative and friendly, it demonstrates the company ethos and helps orientate the new staff member – supporting or even replacing the more traditional face-to-face orientation session and paper-based starter pack.

4. Internal Training

Used for everything from sharing details about new product lines to in-house OH&S training, this is a more engaging way to transmit important training to your workforce either in the workplace or remotely.

5. Product

These videos showcase or feature the qualities and advantages of new products or services or highlight existing ones to bring them to the forefront of consumer consciousness. They must be polished and professional, and their primary goal is to convert prospects.

6. Promotional

Based around a specific call to action, promotional videos strive to get their target audience to sign up for a service, purchase a product, subscribe to a newsletter, support an initiative, or achieve another similar outcome.

7. Testimonial

Word of mouth is powerful and online audiences in particular like to know what they are buying and who they’re buying it from before committing. Take your reviews and testimonials to the next level by sharing testimonial videos from genuine customers on your website and social profiles.

8. Company Culture

Show the human side of your brand – who you are, what you stand for, what it’s like to be part of your company, and what makes you stand apart from your competitors. This could include behind-the-scenes snippets, staff in-person interviews, and much more.

9. Social Media

These short-form videos are ideal for use on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, and similar channels. Creative and fun, they usually last no longer than a minute but pack a very big punch in terms of entertainment value and shareability. Paid social video ads also offer a high return on investment for marketers.

10. Live Streams

These live videos create a sense of urgency for added excitement that appeals to audiences’ FOMO (fear of missing out). are a fabulous way to engage with audiences in real-time on social platforms. They’re also a great way to share Q&As, announcements, interviews, and webinars.

11. Event Recaps

Record, edit, and share fun event recaps from events you run or those you attend – trade shows, conferences, company celebrations, team building exercises, product launches, and much more.

12. Webinars

Educate your audience, review products, hold panel discussions, and take your prospects further towards conversion.

13. Q&A

Answer your target audience’s most common questions with a sit-down interview, infomercial, case study, or other format that addresses queries that have been submitted prior.

14. User-Generated Content

Avail your followers to create content on your brand’s behalf – invite them to create and submit videos of them using your product. This includes everyone from paid influencers to everyday customers. Think outside the box, make it fun and quirky, and make it into a rewarding collective effort.

A Final Word

Video marketing is becoming a more important tool for business marketing and promotion – so whether you need corporate training videos, infomercials to share on YouTube, or engaging commercials for TV, social media, or other platforms, work with experienced professional video marketing providers for the best results to reflect and showcase your brand.

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