Certification Program a Key to Become Successful Software Development Engineer in Test

SDET Certification

SDET courses are acquired after the successful completion of the professional course that trains through hands-on experience in programming, automation tools development, and testing processes. The certification offers training in coding and development of testing automation. The professionals are also trained to find and fix the bugs in the codes of software products to quicken the process. The program is a chance to enhance your skills and become an SDET engineer within a short period of time of six months.

Program Design

The SDET certification program is designed for students who want to succeed in the field of software engineering or testing. Most of the testers become SDETs with their experience in testing and skills in programming because they can develop automation testing tools and work on fixing issues in the codes. Programming skills are essential to become a Software development engineer in test. 

Also, knowledge of SDLC (design, development, and test) is a must for becoming a Software development engineer in testing. The professionals must know agile methodologies, troubleshooting, and IT administration. To become an SDET an individual must learn to be good at communication and time management. They have the mindset to work in a collaborative environment and deliver the work on time. Learning automation tools is the core of SDET certification. The professionals must learn automation tools, frameworks, and technologies to become certified Software development engineers in tests.

Program at WEDEVX

The length of the SDET certification program that WEDEVX offers is six months. The certification program is designed for IT professionals and individuals who want to get expertise in the domain of software engineering and quality assurance of software development. The professionals participating in the certification program can be beginner, junior, or middle-level. The program for qualification is designed with flexibility of time options. There are guided videos available for the guidance of participants. The certification program has around more than 400 coding problems for training. The program also offers career preparation classes to participants. The program teaches JAVA, Selenium, Rest API, JUnit5, and more.  After the completion of the program, the certificate of completion is awarded. The award of SDET certification also guarantees opportunities for career growth and salary raises. The instructors of the program are highly qualified and experienced in coding, testing, and management.

Why SDET Certification

The dynamic culture of the IT industry has changed with the changing times and demands of the users and clients. To fulfill the demands of organizations and customers of software products the need for new skills and expertise arose. IT professionals are constantly working to enhance their skills and expertise to fit in the demanding role in the IT industry. 

In recent times, such a role or position has been created that acts as an amalgamation of engineering and testing. To acquire the skill set and experience for the role of SDET, a certification is required that can establish candidates with the required skills. The qualification course prepares the candidates to enhance their skills in programming and the creation of testing frameworks. The job opportunities for SDET candidates are increasing because professionals with merged boundaries of software engineering and quality assurance backgrounds are needed to perform the development tasks.

Organizations need to hire certified Software development engineers for tests because they can develop high-performance codes and develop infrastructure for automated testing. The organizations are looking to hire professionals who can participate in the development of software and at the same time participate in the testing of developed software. Organizations need SDETs with certification when the system becomes robust and tough and could not be managed manually. To counter the limitations of manual testers, organizations need SDETs to adopt new methodologies. They are also needed when continuous monitoring of the system is required for the entire process of development and deployment.

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