Scandinavian Hygge Lifestyle

What is Hygge Lifestyle?

Hygge lifestyle is a Scandinavian concept of the cosy, warm, and comfortable feeling one gets, being with certain, people, things, or someplace. It also engenders luxury and comfort through fashion, architecture and home decor.

Home is where the heart is. You need your home to be a place where you can simulate and de-stimulate yourself in just the right amount to experience Hygge.

Scandinavian Hygge home decor and designs are unique, they give respite to the design’s sensitive and sensible eye and peace to the heart and the mind.

The Scandinavian Hygge lifestyle mostly has a backdrop of solid colours like white, black, blue, etc. One can find matte-finished articles, and wooden furniture complimenting the walls. The colours are not overdone.

In this article we will give you some of the essential tips you need, to understand the essence of the Scandinavian Hygge lifestyle.

1. The Pinterest home looks good, but just that…

You can get the most appealing aesthetic ideas from home decor magazines and online communities like Pinterest. They surely look good but one major drawback of living in a house that looks like a pinned design template is, that you can’t live in it, at least not comfortably. Hygge is all about functionality and utility. Make sure to be thoughtful about each and every element of your home decor and furniture. Visit the studios and boutiques yourself to see if the furniture and home decor accessories suit your style and needs.

2. The more the merrier is wrong when it comes to colour

We don’t know very much about ourselves. We overestimate our capacities while choosing subjects to study and also underestimate ourselves when it comes to performing regular tasks in a new workplace. When you’re choosing wall paint make sure you visualize waking up or chopping vegetables in front of that colour for years. Not that appealing now, is it? We get bored with colours pop. They come at us after some time. To get the Hygge, choose plain solid colours and use as minimal a colour as you can. Go with natural colours like brown and green as our eyes are accustomed to these and they are calming to them.

3. There’s more to just plants to decorate your space

Yes, plants have been an option to create spaces and partitions in homes. But since you’re choosing natural colours for your interiors you might as well go with other installations for your home. With our home decor shopping guide, you’ll find the best sculptures and installations to guide people in your house and to design your space with. Creations that have a story to tell and that are crafted with perfection to suit your wants and taste. See what calls your soul, is it a 7 feet wooden horse or a stone human bust?

4. Chandeliers, Lamps and more…

The Danish people believe Hygge lifestyle is a state of mind. To feel one with yourself, feel connected and be at peace, or feel active and enthusiastic. Regardless of the feeling, you need to understand the importance of lights. Light and space go together. Get chandeliers where you want people to feel grandeur. Use soft lights for your meditation space. Get bright low-level lights for your dining table. Lamps for reading spaces. Install yellow led lights to get the best of a cosy and elegant feel. Play with colour for different moods, and functions.

5. Accessories should not be mindless

Every accessory has a story to tell. It has a culture with it. Accessories are powerful. A Buddha bust in the house will promote things to be orderly. Let there be colourful exterior accessories to promote liveliness inside your space. Don’t mix everything in one place unless you’re a traveler and want to show where you have been. Choose a little, but choose wisely. Your home accessories matter more than you think.

We hope this article will help you materialize your home decor ideas better and you get a home that helps you attain a hygge lifestyle.

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