8 Must-Watch Reality Shows

For decades, reality TV has dominated our screens, but the streaming era has taken it to another level. Netflix’s focus on polished reality shows such as Selling Sunset and Love Is Blind demonstrates the insatiable appetite of viewers for fresh episodes. Whether you crave Real Housewives drama or immerse yourself in the lives of Below Deck crew members, there’s a reality TV show to fulfill your desires. Here is our list of reality TV shows to watch.

Top Reality TV Shows

1 The Family Stallone

Paramount+ introduces The Family Stallone, an exciting addition to their reality TV lineup. The show follows the iconic actor Sylvester Stallone’s family as they navigate their own lives while living in the shadow of his fame. Viewers get an exclusive glimpse into the actor’s life, as well as his daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlett Stallone, as the series captures the day-to-day experiences of the family. Revealing never-before-seen aspects of the renowned actor’s life, this series is an absolute must-watch.

2 Dance Moms

Set in Pittsburg, Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children’s early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal. The show is full of drama, dance, and intensity.

Raneem Hussein, dance moms expert, and fan. “My favorite season is season 7 because it was the original girls’ last year and they were all grown up and mature.” Raneem’s favorite Dance Moms dancer is Chloe, and her least favorite is Brynn Rumfallo. “My favorite dance is probably Boss Ladies” Raneem Described Dance Moms as a very dramatic and sassy show but also a very entertaining show.

You can watch Dance Moms all seasons right now. The only question is where to watch Dance Moms, but VeePN has an answer to that too. You can read more about how to watch Dance Moms in the link above. In short, you need Hulu and Disney+ subscriptions, then the reality show will be available to you without restrictions.

3 Physical 100

Physical 100, a remarkable South Korean competition series, showcases a hundred of the country’s most physically fit competitors. It tests its limits with some of the toughest challenges in reality TV history, gradually eliminating contestants episode by episode until one ultimate victor remains. With a captivating cast and an in-depth exploration of the physical challenges involved, Physical 100 offers an enthralling glimpse into the world of true physical fitness.

4 Love Island

We understand that offering a binge-worthy show that celebrates travel and close social connections may appear peculiar during these unique and unprecedented times. However, Love Island is incredibly enjoyable and addictive, making it worth any FOMO that may arise. Visit Hulu and opt for the U.K. (and original) version of this enticing series. Don’t forget to enable closed captions to avoid any difficulty in understanding regional accents.

5 Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset, a Netflix series, has revolutionized real estate reality shows. The show follows The Oppenheim Group’s stunning agents as they list luxurious properties and flaunt extravagant attire. Season 6 brings forth an exciting new chapter, without Christine Quinn, and guarantees an abundance of drama.

6 Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind, a binge-worthy Netflix series, serves up some truly gripping drama. The show challenges the notion of love being blind by having contestants form connections with potential matches from behind a wall, relying solely on emotional connection without seeing each other. Then, within weeks, they must decide if they want to take the leap into marriage or call it quits forever. With Love Is Blind season 5 recently wrapping up, now’s the perfect time to catch up on all the latest episodes.

7 Survivor

During the pandemic, it has become crucial to learn self-reliance. So why not acquire strategic skills from the best? Survivor, one of the pioneering reality competition shows, challenges contestants mentally and physically. Its remarkable 40th season, Survivor: Winners at War, showcased extraordinary players from the show’s extensive history. All seasons are now available for streaming on Paramount+. Once you get hooked, explore EW’s comprehensive Survivor coverage. The tribe has spoken.

8 Last Chance U

The show, Last Chance U, produced by Netflix, chronicles the journey of college football players as they pursue success and aspire to become professional athletes. It delves into the lives of players who have overcome numerous challenges, utilizing football as an outlet. The first two seasons of the show primarily center around East Mississippi Community College.


Reality TV shows dominate the television landscape. Classic reality titles like The Hills are experiencing a resurgence on TikTok, making it an ideal moment to relive your favorite episodes. Netflix continues to expand its reality TV content, following the success of Selling Sunset and Love Is Blind, so selecting a single series to watch can be challenging. Just refer to our list and you will see that there is a lot more interesting, curated content for you.