Cold War Zombies Maps

Call of Duty has been a staple of the FPS genre for years since its release. But when World at War came out, Treyarch added something called Zombie Mode. Since that fateful day, CoD Zombies has exploded in popularity, and one of the latest games: Black Ops Cold War, has become the latest iteration. Today we will be going over Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Zombies Maps. We’ll go over what they are and who are the best and worst to play. Let’s get into that.

What Is Zombies Mode?

For those unfamiliar with the Zombies experience, Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is a real treat. It was developed by Treyarch in World at War, and the popularity of the game led to its repetition throughout the Call of Duty games. His premise was simple: players must survive waves of zombie hordes, either alone or together. Waves become more dangerous as more waves are conquered, and there is a hidden secret on the map for players to explore.

The cool thing about Zombies Mode is that you can have up to 4 players work together to kick ass and become famous. Endless Waves of Zombies is a bit of a challenge if one of the players, but together? That’s where the real fun begins. Players earn points every time they kill or destroy a zombie, or by solving obstacles. These points can then be used to gain perks, weapons, unlocks, special items, or powers. Zombies are a strong bunch, though, because they come out from all directions. windows, holes in the floor, and so on.

Matches end with all players dead or ineffective due to a zombie bad case. Overall, the gameplay is really fun and tests the team’s stamina, teamwork, and tactical acumen for maximum longevity.

List of Call of Duty Cold War Zombie Maps | COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies Maps


The first of the COD Black Ops: Cold War Zombies maps is Forsaken. Released on October 7, 2021, the map is set in Test Site Anna, Soviet Union, and lets players fight endless waves of zombies with 2 additional goals: get the hell out of Test Site, or get to the end of the Pyrrhic Victory . . . . Either way, you will win.

Players get 2 new items in Forsaken. The first is a perk called the PhD Slider, which allows players to explode while falling into a zombie. The range and damage of said blast increase with the length of time it takes, and the distance your slide goes before hitting the zombie. The more you invest in this skill, the greater the mortality. Racing from immunity to automatic bomb damage, bombs falling from vertical distances, and more.

By Maur der Toten

The next map on the list to mention is Mauer der Toten, which was added as free content on July 15, 2021. Basically, it’s part of the Season 4: Reloaded update and takes place in Operation Excision back on the Outbreak Map.

The story of Dark Eether in Mauer der Toten continues and players must face new enemies and fears in East Berlin. why? With zombie attacks turning the city into a death trap, you need to know why.

Unlike Forsaken, players can’t spend much in terms of extras or benefits. It’s just more zombie fun for the whole team. In short, if you’re looking for more CoD: Zombies action, Mauer der Toten will provide and then some.

Which reminds us, we mentioned the Outbreak map, yes? Next, let’s talk about that map.

The Outbreak 

Let’s talk next about Outbreak, which was released on February 25, 2021, and was included in Black Ops Cold War’s Season 2 Content. The map takes place in the Ural Mountains and contains portions of the Joint Arms Fire Brigade maps.

You can think of Outbreak as a series of Call of Duty Maps added into one. So there are a lot of references filled in there. From the event, Easter eggs, and much more. However, the fact that so much has been added in Outbreak is what will make it one of the more… controversial maps in Cold War Zombies. We will discuss that later in the blog.

Dead Machines

Now let’s talk all about Die Maschine, the 33rd Zombies map in the series. It takes place in an abandoned Nazi research facility in Morasco, Poland. The purpose of the office? Why rip a hole for another reality of course!

But we digress, Die Maschine is a map of classic Zombies gameplay: Perk-a-Colas make their comeback, Wonder Weapons are everywhere if you know what to do and where to look, and so on. One thing to note is that Die Maschine is an expanded version of the Nacht der Untoten map from World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops Days 3. The main feature of Die Maschine’s map is the original bunker ruins where the Nacht der Untoten. Beyond this, players will also be able to dive into the Dark Eether, which is another plus to the awesomeness of this map.

For the curious, Die Maschine also has several Easter eggs available to players. They are sprinkled all over the map and need a few things to come out properly. However, they do have a lot of cool features to offer players when they are barely right.

Firebase: Z

Last but not least is Firebase Z, Map 2 of the Dark Aether Saga, and the 35th COD Zombies map ever. Released in the first season of the game on February 4, 2021, it is a level later than Die Maschine chronologically.

Players are dropped into Outpost 25, an Omega Group research facility found in the jungles of Vietnam. Due to the research being done, more Dark Aether tech and weaponry fill the entire area. Despite all this nonsense, there is also a polarized divide within the office.

We can all see where this is going.

However, Firebase Z is divided into 2 areas: the factory itself, a small village that is part private barracks, and part home. The facility has a large mining area for workers to mine and experiment with more Dark Ether, and you can teleport to each area

Overall, Call of Duty: Black Ops was a good map to launch the Cold War’s Zombies experience. Not as expensive as the maps in the previous articles, of course. But at least it has something going on.

What Are the Best Black OPS Cold War Zombies Maps?

Now that we know what Cold War Zombies Maps are, let’s rank them from best, average, and worst.

Best Cold War Zombies Map


The first map on this list is Forsaken, the final Zombies map in Black Ops Cold War. This is the map that introduces players to Forsaken, who will be familiar if you’ve played the Zombies entries before. However, he entered and transformed into Dark Eether during the BOCW Zombies reveal. He has become very powerful and overall wants to expand his influence in our world.

Structurally, Forsaken is much better. The map is set in the Omega base which looks like a typical city in the US. on. You navigate streets and shops as you defeat zombies, teleport areas, and find hidden loot and weapons. The Miraculous Weapon of the Forsaken is the Chrysalax, something that should be collected due to the immense power it wields. It also has mutable abilities, as it transforms from SMG and Ax forms depending on what the player wants to do.

All in all, Forsaken is the send-off we already expected. This is the end of the Zombies era in Black Ops Cold War and stings for people who want more Call of Duty Zombies action in the future. But again, someone has gone into the Dark Ether (looking at you, Samantha), and the Lord knows what He wants there. Oh, and Peck is looking for something, which may not be good for anyone.

By Maur der Toten

Mauer Der Toten is the second map in the best group of Zombies maps for a few reasons. First, it focuses on vertical suspension, as the map starts players off at the top of a tall building. There is a zipline between the convenience store and the hotel as players walk through the building and onto the streets. After that, it returns to the subway to activate the power source before returning to the streets. And that’s just the first few sections of the map.

Mauer der Toten takes a few more routes in its runtime and has a lot of cool features for players to explore. These range from a pack-a-punch on the side of Berlin’s main street, as well as many traditions and features related to the wider zombie game. For those who want to kill things, the sophisticated weapon CRBR-S is an absolute delight. From a gun that shoots energy-beams to a giant gun that can destroy zombies with the push of a button.

Narratively, Mauer der Toten takes place after Operation Excision on the plague map. Omega has kidnapped your team, and your job is to stop Valentina once she gains control of the Dark Aether Stocks on the map in order to defeat the zombies. Overall, Mauer der Toten is a good map to play on your own or with friends. Oh, one last thing: there’s a robotic Santa Claus you can charge up in Mauer der Toten. If you do this, he’ll kick zombie ass and help keep your ass and the other player’s ass alive. Is it a bad thing? It hasn’t been active long enough to overcome it.

Average Cold War Zombies Map

Dead machines

Starting off the Average list is Die Maschine. This is the first Zombies map to be released in Black Ops: Cold War, and it should be a familiar feature to a few people. After all, it’s a great Nacht Der Untoten with many new additions to the classic design. It’s a few years after Nacht Der Untoten, and your purpose lives on, as usual.

There are even a few Easter eggs scattered here and there for curious players, and DIE Shockwave is a beast. It also comes in multiple versions and can replenish ammo by consuming any zombies in your path. Pack-a-Punch also makes a comeback on this map, and overall, this map is glorious.

However, it lacks the features that made Mauer der Toten and Forsaken the best maps in the game. But for those who want a great Zombies experience? Die Maschine can be their jam.

Bad Cold War Zombies Maps

Fireplace: Z

Starting off the bad map set in Black Ops: Cold War Zombies is Firebase Z, the original map with some new features sprinkled in here and there. Players start out in a village with living zombies, and then have to make their way around it and into the base connected to the village. Also, you’re in Vietnam.

Vietnam shenanigans aside, Firebase Z is a pretty solid entry in Black Ops: Zombies of the Cold War. However, compared to Forsaken, Mauer der Toten, and Die Maschine, it is a bit on the underdog side. There are good things in Firebase Z, don’t get us wrong. However, the level layout isn’t flawed, nor is the mission-based gameplay which is a big departure from the usual Zombies fare.

However, the sophisticated weapon in Firebase Z, the RAI-K84, is much better. It fires energy balls that completely destroy enemies in its path, as well as assault weapons, with plenty of ammo. You can score murders with this weapon, which is why it’s above the last listed.

The Outbreak 

map Black Ops is the most recent explosion of Bad maps in Cold War Zombies. A map that could have been better, and a revolutionary map at that. But poor design decisions and how weird the classic Zombies gameplay, in general, has been for its downfall that fans would rather forget.

The main reason for this is the fact that Outbreak is a 180-degree change from the typical Zombies experience. After all, there are some zombie objective-based episodes where waves of zombies try to kill your ass. However, Outbreak only allowed players to progress after completing certain objectives revealed in rounds. You read that right, you have to complete an objective before the round can continue. This can lead to games that last for hours and can be incredibly annoying.

Apart from this, the whole map looks like a Frankenstein map. Aka, there are parts of several Call of Duty zombie maps mixed together to create difficulty. There are a few side quests here and there, but they don’t really relate to the map’s storyline, they’re just Easter eggs.

Overall, Outbreak is not a good map to play, at all. It looks really lazy and lacks the strategic thinking that has been a part of Zombies maps in previous games. In the early games, you have to be extremely careful and cooperate with your team to survive. In Outbreak, they’re usually screwed if you don’t rush the goal. TLDR: Don’t play Outbreak, it’s bad. It’s good to play other maps. Use this map only if you want to upload weapons.

Alternatives to Cold War Zombies Mode

Now that we’ve talked about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Maps, let’s move on to games like this. We’ll start with Left 4 Dead 2 followed by World War Z, and finally Dying Light 1 and 2.

Left 4 Dead 2

Starting off on our list, Left 4 Dead 2 was released 13 years ago but is still playing today. For those who don’t remember well, Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to Left 4 Dead and adds a few features to the base game. You can honestly think of Left 4 Dead 2 as an expansion rather than a full Sequel. The overall Left 4 Dead gameplay has been retold quite a bit in a couple of games as well. Specifically, Vermintide 1 and 2, and the upcoming Darktide game.

Players play one of the game’s 4 survivors as they navigate different levels of maps. These stages are hard, they will come infected and try to kill your ass. In addition to this, there are also special people who have developed powers that can be destructive under the wrong circumstances.

Oh, and for those who want a 4v4 showdown between teams of 2 players? Versus Mode is a movie, so Left 4 Dead 2 is still playing today. Versus mode is fun personified and should be played at least once by a group of friends.

Overall, both games are great, and the speed is fantastic. At least in the first game, there were kinks in the second that were eventually fixed. All in all, definitely pick up Dying Light, well worth the money.

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