Everything You Need For A Cozy Living Room

If you’re moving to your apartment for the first time, there’s no doubt you’re thrilled about reaching a milestone toward complete independence. But before you can start enjoying your living space, you’ll need to turn it into a home by picking out furniture and a bit of decor.

Creating a comfortable living room in a small apartment can be tricky, even more so if you are living in a small apartment. Fortunately, you can make even the smallest living room a welcoming space with the right furniture items and decorating approach.

Here is everything you will need for a cozy living room.

A Sofa Or Two

Every living room needs at least one comfortable sofa. But if you have the space, two sofas can set the tone for the room and boost your comfort a bit more. That said, a storage loveseat is the best type of sofa for small living rooms. These sofas offer a bit more storage space, where you can keep winter throws, extra scatter cushions, or anything else.

It’s worthwhile to skim over a sofa size guide to be sure you get a sofa that fits perfectly into your space. Aside from sofa size, it’s also wise to choose a durable, quality fabric in a color that will complement your decor preferences.

A Coffee Table

While side tables are an optional extra, you will only need a coffee table if your living room is smaller. Even a compact coffee table can tie the space together and make it functional. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a table either; even a disposable coffee table can make a major difference to your everyday comfort.

TV Wall Mount

You might feel tempted to pick out a classy entertainment stand or console table for your TV, but this furniture item is not entirely essential. If you invest in a wall mount for your TV, you’ll save a lot of floor space, and you won’t spend as much. Wall-mounted TVs also create a modern appeal that entertainment stands simply can’t.


Even though your living room probably has a ceiling light, adding another light source can help create an ambient atmosphere. Overhead lighting is often not best for relaxation, especially if the bulbs are bright white.

A floor or table lamp with a warm yellow bulb will transform any living room into the most comfortable space in the house.

Throw Blankets And Cushions

There’s no better way to unwind at home than with a good film and a cozy blanket. So, you’ll need a throw blanket and a few scatter cushions. Choose a throw and cushions that complement your sofa and the rest of your decor plans. But be sure to choose quality items, as cheaper options will only last a few months before falling apart.


Once you have all the essentials, you can start shopping around for decor items that tie the space together. Wall art, an area rug, fashion cushions, and indoor plants are all great options. But be sure to keep decor minimal to prevent creating a cluttered look.