The aroma of the wet mud and the green grass everywhere with the coolness of water in the monsoon makes our hearts romantic. It also refreshes our memories with the old memories of jumping in a water puddle and sailing paper boards. These are actually treasures of life that every monsoon brings to our life.

What Actually is Monsoon?

The term monsoon denotes the rainy season. It is a seasonal shift in the pattern of weather that brings damp air and warm air from the sea over land. This, in turn, creates high amounts of rainfall for a longer period.

How Does The Monsoon Create Impact Health?

The health challenges that the rainy season creates are generally created due to longer days of stagnated water. This, in turn, makes it easier for mosquitoes to breed. They potentially spread dengue and malaria fever. Due to the increase in the level and duration of stagnant water, there is an increase in the chances of food poisoning. This, in turn, can lead to gastrointestinal ailments and food poisoning. In addition, it also creates a lot of flu, colds, and coughs.

The other health issues include fungal infections. Particularly, for those who already have asthma issues, the excess environmental water and dampness in the air create breathing issues. Their condition can worsen with the growth of fungus on the walls. Like the few things to take care of during the festive season, there are a few things that you should take care of during the rainy season.

How To Keep Yourself Safe, Clean and Healthy this Monsoon?

Use Water Purifiers

As water will be highly polluted during monsoon, it is better to use water purifiers. The bacteria and other unsafe substances will be removed by the purifier to keep you safe. Keeping hydrated with safe drinking water is essential to keep yourself healthy.

Rely On Vacuum Cleaners

You might know that a vacuum cleaner can effectively remove tiny dust particles that we cannot see with naked eyes. These dust particles generally act as allergens. Particularly, in the rainy season, there will be fungal growth that we cannot actually realize. But, frequent vacuuming your home with a dry/wet vacuum cleaner will help with the removal of these tiny particles. This in turn will keep yourself and your family healthy and safe.

Washing Machines

In general, during monsoon clothes won’t dry easily. The reason is that the air is already wet in the rainy season and so it is hard for clothes to dry. But, when you use a washing machine, it will completely remove the water from the clothes and will almost dry the clothes. You can just take out the clothes from the washing machine and can place them on chairs and tables. They will dry within a few years. When the clothes become dry, the risk of fungal growth will be considerably reduced.

Use Sanitisers Then and There

It is generally stated that infections spread through our hands. So, have a hand sanitiser handy in your home and frequently wash your hands with the sanitiser. If you are concerned about cold tap water, you can just go for hand sanitisers that do not need any water for rinsing.


Personal hygiene and also maintaining the cleanliness in your home will help staying healthy in monsoon. You can follow the tips given above to ensure the same.

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