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Driving a car is a thrill for some and comfort for many. You are no more dependent on a cab or someone from your family to drive you to your office, home, or a party. But, the learning process of driving a car might be frightening for some people. Due to the time and persistence it takes, many people leave it halfway. Learning a car is not difficult with a how to drive a car step-by-step guide as we have shared in this article.

We have shared the best car driving tips that will help you learn safe driving for both, manual and automatic vehicles.

How to Drive a Car for the First Time?

You might have learned this from your family or in a driving school, but keep it as a cheat sheet to learn how to drive a car step by step for the first time.

1. Ignition

To start a car, you need to start the ignition. For that, turn your car key 2 times and hold it for a few seconds. In 1 to 2 seconds, it will start the ignition and the car.

2. Clutch

The foot pedals in the car in ABC style in all manual cars: Accelerator, Brake, and Clutch. In an automatic car, the clutch will not be there. It will only have A and B.

Press the clutch with your foot until it reaches all the way down. Hold it there.

3. Gear

While holding on to the clutch, you need to change the gear. Your car gear will have numbers written on it in a manual car and driving modes in an automatic car. If you need to take your car reverse to get out of the parking, select “R” by moving your gear in that direction. If it is a straight drive, go to the up left side to select the first gear in the manual car.

4. Accelerator

Gently leave the clutch pedal and in the parallel press the accelerator pedal. It will start moving the car.

Control the direction of the car using the steering wheel.

5. Drive

Use the clutch to change gears while driving. When the speed increases, you need to go in ascending order of gear and when speed decreases, you need to go in descending order of gear.

Car Driving Tips for New Learners

Here is the list of the best car driving tips if you are a beginner:

  • Know your car. It means checking pedals, biting points, pressure, dashboards, etc.
  • Adjust the driving seat to drive in a comfortable position.
  • Avoid distractions at the beginning such as music, phone, talking, etc.
  • Use the right steering position that gives you the most control over your car.
  • Always use indicator lights to take a turn or to change a lane.
  • Don’t be in a hurry even if the road is empty.
  • Keep more than a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Use the horn consciously.
  • Keep your focus on the road and stay calm. Do not panic even if you are the cause of a traffic jam.
  • Enjoy the learning phase.

Driving Safety Procedures

While learning how to drive a car step by step, it is necessary to learn how to check safety measures in a car to drive safely. Here are some car driving tips for safe driving:

  • Use mirrors on the sides and centre more often to make judgments. The side mirrors must give you a full rear view and side view.
  • Do not change lanes or make a turn if any vehicle is approaching that side.
  • A blind spot will hide a vehicle for a fraction of a second from the vision of mirrors. Keep your eye in the centre mirror to know which vehicles are around you. Always take some time before changing lanes.
  • Always wear a safety belt.
  • Keep speed under 60 while driving in the beginning.

How to Drive a Manual Car?

Here are all manual car driving tips on how to drive a car step by step:

  • It will have 3 pedals: ABC and gear with 6 different gears. 1 to 5 for speed and R for reverse.
  • Use the clutch pedal to change gears. You need to press the clutch pedal all the way down. While using the clutch pedal, take off the pressure from the accelerator pedal.
  • Once the gear is changed, slowly release the clutch pedal and slowly press the accelerator.
  • Use an accelerator and brake to control your car.

How to Drive an Automatic Car?     

Here are all automatic car driving tips on how to drive a car step by step:

  • It will only have Accelerator and Brake: A & B and driving modes instead of gears.
  • Turn on the engine with the key and pull the lever to “D”.
  • Use the accelerator to speed up the car and brake to slow down or stop.
  • Use P for parking and R to reverse.

We hope this step by step guide will help you in your journey of learning a car like a pro.

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