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Oil in your vehicle plays a vital role. It makes sure whatever the situation is, it lets your engine and other parts function exceptionally well. However, it is necessary to change synthetic oil at regular intervals.

There are different types of engine oil available in the market, but one of the best is unquestionably synthetic oil. It is made from petroleum components, which are chemically modified to perform better. There are many benefits of using synthetic oil. Thus, an oil change is quite popular compared to other types. It holds excellent mechanical and chemical qualities.

Coming to the main question, how often do you need a synthetic oil change?

There are multiple answers to this question as there is no specific recommended interval for that. Many factors define the interval of a synthetic oil change.

You will learn about the factor and the recommended interval to change the oil in different vehicles.

1. Check Vehicle Manual

All vehicles are different, and their need for an oil change is also different. Thus, it is necessary to know your vehicle details and change the oil accordingly.

The simplest way is to grab the owner’s manual, which comes with the vehicle, it will have an interval range mentioned for an oil change.

Synthetic oil is recommended which is more refined and increases engine performance. It is recommended that you change synthetic oil ranges from every 6000 – 15000 kilometres. Your vehicle needs an oil filter change along with the synthetic oil change.

2. General Recommendations for Modern Vehicles

For traditional vehicles, it is somewhat difficult to recommend a specific time interval for an oil change. However, if you drive modern technology vehicles, you need an oil change after seven thousand to fifteen thousand. If you cannot find the vehicle owner’s manual, you can keep these numbers in mind to change the synthetic oil after a specific interval.

One of the advantages of using a modern vehicle is that it usually has various indicators which monitor vehicle performance like:

  • Engine temperature
  • Trip length 
  • Fuel
  • And many other engine parameters

These indicators give an alert when you need an oil change.

3. Oil Change Interval as per the Weather

If you drive your car in extreme weather conditions like: 

  • Too cold as in Leh/Ladakh 
  • Too humid and hot as in the desert 
  • On the dusty roads

You will need a more frequent oil change. Thus, keep in mind that external weather also changes the regular interval of the oil change.

4. Ask your Mechanic

Using service from a reliable service provider for automobiles, you do not need to worry about anything. They usually remind you when your vehicle needs a synthetic oil change.

In Conclusion

Synthetic oil is usually more expensive than other types. Thus, you might have the urge to go some extra miles with it. However, the best approach is to change the oil as per the recommendations. It will make sure you get the expected performance.

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