Car Cameras

When driving, the best dash cams provide you with extra peace of mind. They achieve this by capturing video evidence of your expeditions on the road. Experts have tested all the best dash cams on the market and ranked their favorites in the list below.

From premium multi-cam systems to simple, affordable options, this ultimate guide was crafted to enable you to find the right car camera for your budget and unique needs. Let’s dive deeper into the world of the best dash cams in the market to discover the perfect one for you.


Nexar dash cams have been attention-grabbing in recent years thanks to the brand’s intelligent and innovative approach to truck and car surveillance. Its model, Nexar One, is the latest, most futuristic, tech-forward dashboard camera. If you have done some research before, you already know that the Nexar One model promises 4K video and remote streaming.

It is basically a 4K Ring doorbell for your truck or car. Also, it’s the first of its kind in the market. A Sony Starvis image sensor powers this dash cam, which is equipped with a high-end Ambarella AI-capable chipset. With these key features, there is no question that Nexar One is the brand’s most powerful dashboard camera.

The dashboard camera comes equipped with an OBD kit or a hardwiring kit that offers continuous power to your gadget. That means your dash cam will have a continuous supply of power, so it can provide you with live tracking, live updates, and more anytime you need it. Nexar One also provides you with the opportunity to configure your device to precisely fit your needs.

The Nexar One model experience is entirely personalized, as there are several amazing options to pick from. You can choose the number of camera views you need, the amount of internal storage you require, and the continuous source of power that fits your truck or car. The dashboard camera comes with some key features, including one-tap insurance reports, live parking mode, and more.


  • Straightforward to install and wire in
  • Real-time cloud connectivity for instantly uploading and accessing footage from anywhere, anytime.
  • Live alerts for enhanced safety
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence for instant incident detection
  • User-friendly interface and seamless integration with smart handheld devices


  • Cloud backup needs a smartphone
  • The interior camera sticks to the screen


The Nextbase brand has earned its status as one of the best dash cam providers, providing users with top-quality video recording and advanced features. Its Nextbase 622GW model excels in providing detailed and crisp footage of the road ahead. This is possible even in challenging conditions, including lighting.

Nextbase 622GW comes with some great features that make it unique, including lane departure, anti-sleep alerts, collision-imminent, and a guardian mode that helps monitor young drivers. Also, it has a parking mode that helps monitor adjustable perimeters around vehicles.

For tracking location accurately, it has a built-in GPS. You can go for a top-of-the-line 4K version or price-conscious 1K and 2K resolution versions depending on your budget. Also, it has Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities. These features allow the device to offer a high-tech and seamless solution for users looking for top-tier cam performance.


  • Exceptional video quality with high-resolution
  • Superior performance in low-light conditions
  • Advanced features including built-in GPS and Wi-Fi


  • Sometimes, many advanced features may be overwhelming
  • A relatively higher price point due to many advanced features


Another dash cam brand known for advanced features is Cobra. Its Cobra SC 400D model stands out as a premium dashboard camera with top-quality video recording capabilities and advanced features. Its design and build quality are attractive.

It comes with a 4K resolution and a DriveSmarter application that offers police alerts and several other driver reports. The dash cam secures the windshield through a large sticky pad for the mount and a stronger magnet for the camera itself.

That is why it’s an appealing option for users who are after a high-performance and comprehensive solution. Cobra SC 400D has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and superb low-light performance. This dash cam delivers on its promise of premium technology.


  • Premium build quality and design
  • Top-quality video recording capabilities in varying conditions
  • Advanced features, including built-in Wi-Fi


  • Advanced features may need some learning, which takes time and resources
  • A higher price point may deter budget-conscious individuals

Each of these brands comes with something unique. The Nexar One brand tops the list with its cutting-edge technology, including AI for incident detection and cloud connectivity. Nextbase boasts cutting-edge features like Alexa integration but at a steeper price tag.

Cobra, on the other hand, offers advanced features for tech-savvy drivers, including 4K resolution. These brands compete fairly in the dash cam market as they offer smart connectivity, high-quality optics, and advanced safety features. You are the one to make the final decision. Just remember to partner with the most reliable provider.