the white lotus

Get ready for more drama and excitement! Creator Mike White promises a “supersized” third season of “The White Lotus,” giving fans a longer, bigger, and crazier experience. The buzz is real, and expectations are high for this upcoming installment.

The White Lotus Season 3 Release Date

Hold on to your excitement because “The White Lotus” Season 3 won’t hit our screens until 2025 at the earliest. Blame it on the writers’ and actors’ strike, which pushed back the original 2024 release plan. While the exact date is unknown, the wait promises to be worth it.

HBO Chairman and CEO Casey Bloys confirmed the delay, citing the impact of the strike on schedule. The anticipation for the next season is building, and fans are already counting down the days until they can check into the next White Lotus property.

Returning Faces and New Characters

The casting gears are turning, with plans to introduce 13 new characters, including a patriarch, a corporate executive, an actress, a mother, a misfit, and a yogi. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. There’s a chance we might see familiar faces from the first two seasons making a comeback. Will Jennifer Coolidge return? Only time will tell!

The idea of an “all-star season” has been hinted at, and fans can’t help but speculate which characters could reappear. The prospect of intertwining threads from the previous seasons adds an extra layer of intrigue. As we eagerly await casting announcements, the possibilities are endless.

“Thailand: The New Setting”

Say goodbye to Hawaii and Sicily, and get ready for a fresh backdrop in Thailand! The decision to film in this beautiful country was influenced by its unique culture and warmth. After all, why not explore a whole new continent for the next chapter of “The White Lotus”?

Executive producer David Bernad shared insights into the location scouting process, emphasizing Thailand’s specific warmth and cultural experience. The choice to film at Four Seasons resorts in Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, or the Golden Triangle, adds an extra layer of luxury to the series.

Mysterious Plotlines

While the plot remains a well-kept secret, creator Mike White hints at exploring themes of death, Eastern religion, and spirituality in a satirical and humorous way. Could there be a political twist with a group of leaders descending upon the hotel? Speculations are buzzing, adding to the anticipation.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, White discussed an initial plot idea that involved a Bilderberg conference, delving into bigger power dynamics. However, the change in setting to Sicily brought a different vibe, leading to the need for a new direction. As fans eagerly await more details, the possibilities for unique and unexpected storylines continue to grow.

Confirmed and Possible Returns

Belinda, played by Natasha Rothwell, is confirmed to make a return, and fans are speculating about the possible comeback of Daphne, portrayed by Meghann Fahy. Additionally, Greg’s storyline might take center stage in the new season. The intrigue continues!

While some characters met their demise in the first two seasons, the nature of the series allows for unexpected returns and surprising twists. Could there be unexpected connections between characters from different seasons? The interconnected web of “The White Lotus” universe keeps fans guessing.

Fan and Celebrity Excitement

The popularity of “The White Lotus” extends beyond regular viewers, with celebrities expressing their enthusiasm for the series. Jennifer Aniston, a self-proclaimed fan of the show, has expressed interest in joining the cast. During a recent interview with E!, Aniston revealed her admiration for the series and jokingly campaigned for a role, specifically expressing her desire to play Jennifer Coolidge’s sister seeking vengeance.

The series’ Golden Globes speech by creator Mike White, where he mentioned approaching many A-listers for roles, has sparked curiosity about potential celebrity cameos in the upcoming season. As the star-studded wish list grows, fans can’t help but speculate who might join the already impressive ensemble cast.


As we eagerly await the next chapter of “The White Lotus,” the promise of a supersized season, a new setting in Thailand, and the potential return of beloved characters have fans buzzing with excitement. Stay tuned for more updates as the countdown to 2025 begins! With each new detail revealed, the intrigue deepens, and viewers can’t help but wonder what unexpected twists and turns await them in the luxurious and mysterious world of “The White Lotus.” Whether it’s the captivating storyline, the exotic locations, or the possibility of celebrity cameos, one thing is certain the third season is shaping up to be an unmissable television event.