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Digitization has taken over all the markets and the eCommerce industry is not the exception here. Gone are the days when retail outlets used to distribute templates to attract more footprints to their store. These days, even a small grocery store is moving online to be part of this amazing digital world.

The first step is to develop a website, but this is not it!

Many eCommerce store owners often forget the fact that just a website can’t give you the expected sales. You need to use digital marketing to get in front of potential buyers and then give them an easy-to-use and secure interface so they can buy which will increase your business.

In this article, we will share the top 4 digital marketing ideas that skyrocket online store sales.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most renowned digital marketing strategies used by experts. You can write about various things such as,

  • Review of the product
  • Discount code and coupons
  • And more

There are many benefits of starting and maintaining a blog as part of your digital marketing campaign.

The key benefits are listed below:

  • It is free
  • It is easy to manage
  • It brings a lot of organic traffic (for free)

2. Facebook Marketing

As we all know, Facebook is the number 1 social networking site and it has millions of users. Thus, to increase online store sales, you must use Facebook and don’t hesitate in investing in paid Facebook ads. Facebook has various types of ads that help online stores such as boosting the Facebook post to reach more audiences and increase page engagement.

A Facebook Ad format used to generate leads:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Carousal
  • Instant Experience
  • Collection

You can also list your products in the online store module offered by Facebook for its users. You can reach the exact target audience with Facebook ads and it has to be part of your digital marketing campaign.

3. Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is a form of social media marketing that involves promoting a brand on Instagram. This social media platform is great for connecting with an enormous audience, increasing brand awareness, and boosting sales. According to Facebook research, a majority of people polled visited a brand’s website or app after seeing it on Instagram. About 46% of interviewees either bought something from a brand online or in person.

Use Instagram giveaways to raise brand exposure:

Instagram freebies may become a regular feature for your brand and are a great way to advertise new products at the start of each month. These Instagram giveaways are a great method to grow your Instagram following and raise brand recognition. Use famous and identifiable hashtags for your Instagram freebies, and develop a unique hashtag for each one.

Get in touch with the influencers of your category:

Influencers are goldmines for your expanding online brand image. Maintain frequent touch with your brand’s influencers, such as vloggers and bloggers, who already have a loyal following and can represent your catalogue in front of individuals who enjoy your brand. Because these influencers are well-liked by their readers, mentioning, reviewing, or even wearing your products can have a significant impact on the audience. The creative approach and influence on your goods will attract a large audience to your brand.

4. Search and Display Ads

Google Ads (Adwords) has the biggest network of Search and Display Ads. You must take benefit from the paid ads. Along with Google, there are some other paid ad networks, which can provide good results for increasing online store sales. The Bing ads are quite popular after Google Adwords.

The top reasons to use the Pay per Click ads are listed below:

  • It can be highly targeted
  • It is highly measurable
  • You can focus on conversions to boost online store sales
  • You can take benefit of Remarketing to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities

There are different types of PPC ads available, but the three that must be part of your digital marketing strategies are listed below:

  • Display ads appear on the Adsense network of sites in an appealing way
  • Remarketing ads to bring back the same customer
  • Search ads appear on the SERP


So there you have it; the fresh and interesting techniques to generate customer for your online store. Marketing should not be discouraged just on the basis of sales and conversions. It should, in fact, be an infectious process that reflects your brand image in front of an audience that is interested in your products.

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