Indian bridal lipstick shades

Each bride wants to look gorgeous on her Wedding Day and why not, each bride deserves to look picture perfect on her wedding day! To look good, everything plays an important role so it is good to give emphasis on detailing everything you are going to wear from the attire to your makeup. In this article, we are going to help you understand the best lipstick shades for Indian Bride, so you don’t need to be dependent on your makeup artist or a random shopping guide. This article will work as your ultimate Indian bridal lipstick shades shopping guide.

Top 10 Bridal Lipstick Shades for Indians

1. Fuschia Pink

If you have chosen to be a scarlet bride, then the choice of best lipstick shades can be red and pink. If you choose red, it will overlap your lehenga colour with your lipstick colour and many fashion divas don’t like that. Choose Fuschia Pink, if you are an Indian bride who wants to get an equal spotlight on your attire and lips, then this shade is best for you.

2. Classic Red

Red definitely makes a style statement and each shopping guide for Indian brides talks about using the classic red. If you want to carry the stunning style statement, classic red is the one you must wear.

Classic Red Lipstick Shades

3. Ruby Red

If you find the best lipstick shades in any colour with a lot of variation, then it is red. If your wedding attire is of the colour yellow, orange or pink, then the ruby red colour is on the top list of our lipstick shopping guide for Indian brides.

Ruby Red Lipstick Shades

4. Luscious Tangerines

If you have chosen to have a destination wedding, then you need long-lasting and super moisturizing lipstick to keep your stunning look intact. Well, the Luscious Tangerines is perfect with its juicy orange colour will give a bold look to you.

Luscious Tangerines Lipstick Shades

5. Matte Deep Red

Deep red lipstick with a matte deep red shade would look amazing for brides who prefer a traditional look. This shade is made with a combination of yellow and red, just like Haldi and kumkum. It goes perfectly with the golden colour wedding attire.

Matte Deep Red Lipstick Shades

6. Coral Peach

It is one of the best Indian bridal lipstick shades as it goes with all types of outfits and looks perfect with all skin types and colours. If you are really confused about the best lipstick shades this is the one you can pick blindly.

Coral Peach Lipstick Shades

7. Mauve

If you want to have the spotlight on your lips and face with ravishing colours. Then Mauve is the shade you must wear. It goes perfectly with orange, pink or a combination of both colours as your wedding outfit.

Mauve Lipstick Shades

8. Bold Brown

If you have chosen a dark wedding outfit of red or pink colour, then giving an edgy look with the bold brown shade would be the best choice. Compliment your makeup by wearing smoky eye makeup.

Bold Brown

9. Hot Pink

If you like to pout with gorgeous lips in the spotlight, hot pink is the best lipstick shade for an Indian bride. This shade goes with any colour attire.

Hot Pink

10. Berry Red

Another versatile lipstick shade is berry red and it looks stunning with any colour so you can choose. You can choose it with any coloured attire and still look so gorgeous!

Berry Red


When selecting an Indian bridal lipstick shade for your bridal makeup, consider your skin tone, the time of day, and your outfit’s color. It’s essential to do makeup trials and consult with a makeup artist to find the perfect shade that complements your overall bridal look. Additionally, long-lasting and smudge-proof formulas are important for all-day wear during wedding celebrations.

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