We all spend a lot of time choosing the right type of engagement ring for our partners and why not the importance of this event is indescribable. Here’s a list of engagement ring styles for you to make your engagement shopping easier.

Classic Ring Styles

The hot favourite, most loved engagement ring style. These styles are the ones you’ll find in almost any jewellery shop you walk into. Classic doesn’t mean boring or basic here, these ring styles are versatile, and timeless and work with a plethora of different gemstones and metals. Here are some of the classically styled rings.

1. Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three, four or five stone rings are all sought-after ring settings. In the three-stone setting, the centre stone is a little larger followed by two accent gems. Three stones of similar sizes do not appeal more design-wise.

three stone engagement ring styles

2. Solitaire Engagement Ring

There would be no woman who would not like solitaires. They can easily be called the ultimate classic. The solitaire ring is a single stone ring which sometimes comes with an embellished band. These rings are all about the rock, so quality check the solitaire properly. You should look out for the prongs too (how the stone is held in the ring) whether it’s a six-prong or four or three – this is a distinguishing feature when deciding between two solitaire settings.

solitaire engagement ring styles

3. Halo Engagement Ring

A halo engagement ring has a centre stone that has a circle of diamonds or gemstones around it. People prefer white stone surrounded by coloured gemstones.

halo engagement ring styles

4. Cluster Engagement Ring

Cluster engagement rings come in a variety of different styles. At times they feature a central stone which is bigger than the rest of the cluster, at times all the stones are of similar sizes.

cluster engagement ring styles

5. Twist Engagement Ring

Twist engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years and they are a lovely way to give a solitaire setting a modern update.

twist engagement ring styles

6. Bezel Engagement Ring

A ring is said to have a bezel setting when the stones sit into the metal of the ring rather than being held in with prongs.

bezel engagement ring styles

7. Pavé Engagement Ring

A pavé engagement ring is one where the band is embedded with stones it is definitely one of the most glamorous types!

pave engagement ring styles

8. Colored Stone Engagement Ring

Coloured stone engagement rings as the name suggests cover a wealth of different ring styles that don’t have white diamonds. They have classics like rubies, emeralds and sapphires, as well as other trendy stones like tanzanite, morganite or grey diamonds.

colored stone engagement ring styles

9. Bombe Engagement Ring

A bombe engagement ring is one that has a raised dome, it is embellished with gemstones and has a super luxurious feel to it.

Bombe engagement ring styles

Vintage Styles (or Vintage-Inspired) Engagement Rings

If your beloved appreciates things that have a story behind them or has with them romance about a certain era, it is likely she has a heart for antique or vintage engagement rings. Here are some specific vintage styles you should check out.

10. Art Deco Engagement Ring

This type of engagement ring style is from the late 1920s and 1930s, this era of opulence inspired some of the greatest and most gorgeous jewellery. To think of an art deco ring think baguette cut stones, fanned motifs, geometric shapes and sometimes, a touch of colour.

art-deco-engagement ring styles

11. Edwardian Engagement Ring

Edwardian jewellery spans precisely nine years, from 1901-1910. These rings feature a lot of oval-shaped settings, bombe settings, floral clusters, ruby and blue sapphire stones, along with embellished metals, with curls and beading.

Edwardian engagement ring

12. Art Nouveau Engagement Ring

Art Nouveau jewellery comes next to Art Deco. Art Nouveau is the most stylised and identifiable vintage jewellery style. Dating from 1890 to 1900, it is a celebration of creative art. The jewellery often looks hand-scripted, featuring lots of swirls, pastel colours, and influences from flowers, birds and butterflies. In the context of an engagement ring look for something gentle, with petal-shaped side stones, swirled embellishment and beading.

Art Nouveau Engagement Ring

13. Retro/Mid-Century

They are from the era 1940 to 1970. Retro jewellery houses a lot of different styles over a long period of time, to understand their feelings, think of your mum or granny’s ring. These decades produced many beautiful jewellery pieces, utterly classic.


14. Baroque Engagement Rings

An authentic baroque engagement ring is a rare thing to find, but there are lots of makers of beautiful baroque-inspired pieces. These rings will be gold-heavy, with uneven stones, along with lots of ornate gothic-style detailing.

Baroque Engagement Rings

Modern & Alternative Styles

As with anything alternative, the sky really is the limit if you want something bespoke here are some of the specific types:

15. Molten/Free-form Engagement Rings

Molten engagement rings are wildly popular with today’s generation. These rings use a textured, ‘imperfect’ cast to create a modern piece that gives it a slightly old and rough feel to it. These rings are mostly inspired by nature and house unusual coloured gemstones.

Molten/Free-form Engageme

16. Minimal Engagement Rings

A minimal ring is pretty much as the name suggests, a thin band, a gentle setting, with small understated stones – these rings mostly have a geometrical element to them.

Minimal Engagement Rings

17. Confetti Engagement Rings

These rings were made famous by the designers like Polly Wales. He creates beautiful things from the not-so-perfectly cut stones. these rings house stones of contrasting hues in the band. They at times have a molten look to them too.

Confetti Engagement Rings

18. Suspended Stone Engagement Rings

These rings make the best show to show off a spectacular stone beware of the band style as the wrong band could throw this style off. They have a geometric and minimalistic feel to them.

Suspended Stone Engagement Rings

19. Cosmos-Inspired Engagement Rings

Cosmic-inspired engagement rings are running through lots of modern jewellery these days. They come in moon shapes, glistening opals and moonstones placed beautifully along the band.



We all invest a lot of time in choosing the right type of engagement ring for our partners and why not the importance of this event is indescribable. Check out the above list of engagement ring styles for you to make your engagement shopping easier.

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