After the pandemic, in 2022 we all know that investing in a good quality product is a must and during monsoon, it is very important to take good care of our health and hygiene thus, we have brought a list of Rainy season shoes for men. Also, one should take a break from wearing sneakers, especially white sneakers, and try all the different types of monsoon footwear. Shoes that will help you look stylish and will protect your feet from the rain. You wouldn’t want your white sneakers to be anywhere near a puddle this monsoon. Fear not—we have equally fashionable substitutes for you!

Types of Rainy Season Footwear For Men:

1. Rugged Sneakers

You didn’t believe we’d forget about the sneakers, did you? We at last found the ideal match. Something that is extremely stylish and won’t get soiled while walking around in the rain. One can clean the shoes with a clean dry cloth when needed it contains synthetic upper dries easily and also has a great grip as it has a rubber sole.

One can find this kind of shoes in brands like puma Adidas decathlon etc. A simple T-shirt and jeans would look great with these sneakers. They can also be worn semi-formally with trousers and a shirt.

2. Foam Clog Shoes

If you prefer comfort over style, you most likely belong to the clog shoe crowd. And the most well-known brand for this kind of shoe is crocs—the most reliable, comfortable, and best for monsoon season. Crocs have expanded beyond its signature brightly colored clog throughout the years with more fashionable alternatives. However, you don’t wear Crocs because you like to be fashionable.

Crocs’ patented technology, croslite, which is constructed of a soft, shock-absorbing foam resin, keeps your feet feeling massaged and ventilated so you can go through a busy day without any aches or blisters.

3. Espadrilles

Even though it’s monsoon season, some days can still be fairly warm. Because of this, espadrilles—which are light and covered—are ideal for you. Because canvas can be washed at home with ordinary detergent, we suggest canvas espadrilles. Since canvas is a sturdy material, you can wear these shoes for many more seasons to come!

4. Loafer

How frequently do you find a pair of loafers that are as cozy as sneakers? It is not surprising that this unique pair of shoes made our list of essential monsoon footwear for men. Furthermore, the colors couldn’t be more appropriate for the time of year.

Your feet are kept covered and your shoes maintain a clean appearance thanks to the surface’s ease of cleaning. Nowadays many sprays have come to the market which help to keep our shoes clean, especially during monsoon season those sprays are called water repellent or shoe protector spray.

5. Sandals

Sandals have been in the market for the longest period earlier there were not that many varieties of shoes available in the market for men there were shoes and sandals in that there was no variety. But these days there are many types of sandals, the most trending one is the Peshawari sandal Closed-toe sandals are an underappreciated style of footwear. They are quite fashionable and adaptable. These shoes will never let you down, whether it’s a casual day out or an ethnic event.

Additionally, these shoes are made of vegan leather, which makes them considerably more water resistant than traditional leather. Apart from the typical white sneakers, there is a ton of contemporary must-have shoes for men, as we previously mentioned.

6. Flip Flops

Flip Flops are the go-to footwear for monsoon. Every man will have one flip-flop in their precious collection of shoes. Rubber and plastic flip-flops are stylish, water-resistant, and odor-resistant. They are one of the greatest choices during the monsoon season since they keep your feet dry.

Make sure you get flip-flops that can float on water and increase traction during monsoon season. Additionally, avoid wearing closed shoes because they take a long time to dry and may contain bacteria and germs near the foot.


Your shoes experience more wear and tear during the monsoon season than any other time of year. They must be well-cared for else you risk spoiling them. If you don’t carefully and promptly clean up the dirty water and splashes, they will leave a lasting mark on your shoe.  Your shoes deserve the best treatment, after all!

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