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An interview is the best opportunity for an employee to make the best impression on their potential employer. That being said, the way you dress for the interview can be the thin line between you landing the job or not. Men have an advantage over women as their wardrobe choices are limited. Females, on the other hand, are often found to be at a loss as they cannot make up their minds about what to wear for an interview easily.

The internet is filled with shopping tips for anything and everything, especially when it comes to clothing. It is best not to follow all shopping tips blindly.

These Interview Attire for Women are created by following the top female entrepreneurs and the way they dress. This article will answer your question about what to wear for an interview.

Navy Blue Blazer with a Blouse      

Let us start off with the typical yet most popular dressing combination – the simple navy blue blazer and a formal blouse. Though it may sound like a run-of-the-mill interview outfit, the combination has proved time and again that it is effective and versatile.

In case a formal blouse is not your cup of tea, you can also wear it with a button-down or your favourite dress. Here is one of the most important interview dress tips for females, avoid wearing a three-quarter with a collarless jacket as it is good for a party, not for an interview.

Be Sure to Experiment with Button-Downs!

Although you might have a frown on your face right now but be rest assured as button-downs are back in vogue these days! The reason behind this is very simple – the availability of a plethora of colours and a wide choice of fabrics. In a nutshell, you don’t need to limit yourself to the colours white, blue or pink for your interview. On top of that, you can also choose a fabric that is at par with your style for your button-down. You can go for silk, chiffon or satin. With that being said, be sure to wear the button-down with a camisole. On top of that, choose a colour for the button-down that is at par with your skin’s complexion. This is one of the most popular interview dressing tips for females by fashion designers as well.


You should also keep in your mind that you need to appear refined, composed and polished. No matter what sort of job interview you are attending.

Show your best side is an unsaid rule in the corporate world. That being said, make sure you are not wearing an excess of your favourite perfume and adorning a low-cut top. The idea is to capture the attention of the interviewer in a subtle, professional and tidy manner.

Don’t try the other way around.

Try these tips in your next interview and share your experience in the comment section.

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