What Workplace Issues Can an Employment Lawyer Help You

Workplace issues can range from a petty argument with a colleague to your employer wrongfully dismissing you from your job without a fair reason. They range significantly in severity, but every workplace issue can impact your ability to work effectively.

Workplace issues can negatively impact your mental health, too, especially if they continue for months or even years. It’s partly your, your employer’s, and your colleague’s responsibility to create a welcoming work environment. However, if you feel that your employer or a colleague is treating you poorly in one way or another, you might need to take action.

One of the best things you can do when you’re dealing with workplace issues is to hire an employment lawyer, such as those at HKM. You can learn more about HKM employment lawyers and their expertise and services on their website.

What Workplace Issues Do You Need an Employment Lawyer For? 

Every lawyer specialises in a unique field of the law. An estate planning lawyer specialises in estate administration and distribution, and an employment lawyer specialises in workplace and labour laws.

Employment lawyers are exactly who you need when dealing with different issues relating to employers, employees, and the workplace in general. Below, we’ve covered some of the many workplace issues that might warrant hiring an employment lawyer.

Poor working conditions

If you feel that your working conditions are below legal standards, you should first speak to your employer. They may not have realised the state of your workplace conditions and could be willing to improve them immediately.

However, if your employer is aware of your sub-standard working conditions and refuses to adjust them appropriately, you should speak to an employment lawyer. Your lawyer can speak directly with your employer and threaten legal action if they don’t offer a better working environment for you and your colleagues.

Wrongful termination

There are many fair reasons for dismissing an employee, such as if they have committed gross misconduct. However, if you have recently been fired from your job and your employer has failed to provide fair justification for doing so, it could be worth contacting an employment lawyer.

Your lawyer can speak with your employer on your behalf to gain insight into their decision. If they fail to come to a resolution with your employer, they may work with you to create a claim against your employer for compensation.

Contract breaches

Your employment contract will state the terms and conditions of your role and the expectations of you and your employer during your time within this role. Legally, both you and your employer must abide by everything in your contract from the moment you sign it.

If your employer breaches your contract and fails to withhold the agreed terms and conditions of your employment, hiring a lawyer could be a smart move.

An employment lawyer can read through your employment contract thoroughly to identify which aspects of it your employer has failed to abide by. They can create a case against them and take it to court to win you compensation for any harm you’ve sustained as a result of any contract breaches.