Dog DNA Test Kit

A dog DNA test kit has become quite normal for pet lovers. A DNA test for dogs can give more details about a dog such as its personality, genetic structure, health, and ancestry. This information can help pet owners to take better care of their furry friends. Best dog DNA test kits are readily available in the market and can be used at home. Let’s understand these test kits and how it works.

What is a Dog DNA Test Kit?

This kit is made of 3 things as mentioned below:

  • A swab
  • A vial and
  • An envelope

A swab is used to take the saliva of the dog. The vial is used to put the swab with saliva and the envelope is used to send the swab to the lab of the dog DNA test kit manufacturer to test the DNA.

At the lab, the DNA of your dog gets matched with other dogs’ DNAs to identify and give the required information about the personality, ancestry, and health of your dog.

What Do Veterinarians Say About All This?

There are many companies that manufacture dog DNA testing kits and use them as a selling point to sell other pet items to the owner as per one of the leading veterinarian experts. Some veterinarians also explain that this can become a marketing gig for manufacturers selling these items.

As the best dog DNA test kit helps in identifying the early stages of disease in dogs, it often causes an issue for veterinarian professionals as people stop using their services. But, still cure for a disease can be provided by a certified veterinarian professional only. Thus, using a dog DNA test kit for fun or some findings about a dog is not harmful at all.

How Does a Dog DNA Test Work?

It is very easy to carry out a DNA test for dogs at home.

  • All you need to do is to swipe the swab available in the dog DNA test kit on the cheek of your dog and get it out gently.
  • Use the manufacturer’s guide to pack the swab into an envelope using a vial that comes along with the test kit and send this envelope via mail for the DNA test.
  • You will receive the DNA test results via email or they also let you check the results on their website on some days. You will get the duration detail and how to fetch the result on the test kit.

Top Dog DNA Testing Kits 2024

Out of multiple kits available to run a DNA test for dogs, the following 4 are ranked as the top 4 test kits.

1. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

It is the number 1 test kit available in the market, which tests the DNA of your dog against 350 breed databases and 210 genetic health risks for dogs. It gives the most accurate and extensive results.

2. Wisdom Panel

This dog DNA test kit also checks 210 health risks and 350 breeds. The accuracy of the results is 93%. Along with breed, it also gives details of potential mutations to show health risks if there are any.

3. DNAmyDog

It is another best dog DNA test kit, which gives details like personality traits, breakdown of breed, history of dog breed, exercise level, and health insight at a high level. Its database is smaller and it gives basic health information, thus, it ranks in the third position.

4. Orivet

It gives detailed results of health tests, which makes it rank in the top 4 list. The result also gives a wellness plan along with breed and health risk details. The wait time for results is quite high, which puts in the fourth position.

Are These DNA Tests Regulated?

No, there is no regulation on dog DNA tests and there is no authority that validates the quality and truthfulness of the results.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When You Get Results

1. It gives hints for an ideal lifestyle for your dog

You can get a more precise wellness and care plan along with a healthy diet for your pet based on the results. Learning about the breed and relevant lifestyle can help you make a better bond with your dog by learning their personality traits, too.

2. Do not stigmatize the dog breed based on results

Knowing dog breed and personality traits based on the best dog DNA test kit results can help you raise your dog in a better and healthier way. But, there is no need to go crazy about the results.

3. Consult a veterinarian professional for health risks

If there is any health risk found in your dog, you must consult an expert to get the pet treated rather than trying and testing medications.


In a nutshell, a dog DNA test kit can help you build a better bond with your dog and prevent serious health risks. It is affordable to use and of course, it is fun to know how well you can raise your pet by knowing its breed, traits, and other information shared as the results.

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