Today is the world of home automation. We can see automation being incorporated into every aspect of the household. One important member of your family who can benefit from home automation is your furry friend, your pet dog. How about a smart house for dogs, just like you have a smart house powered by automation technology?

A smart dog house is a perfect dwelling place for your pet dog, which can keep him safe, especially when you are not around.


It is a smart home for anti-anxiety for dogs. More than 32 million dogs in the US suffer from anxiety attacks. Your dog could be under stress too, especially, when you are at work or away for quite a while. Some other causes of dog stress include fireworks, loud noises, and thunderstorms.

The Zencrate is a perfect smart house for dogs, designed keeping in mind the anxiety factor. It has proximity sensors that automatically turn on the fan, camera, and music when the dog enters, and it is turned off when the dog leaves. The motion-activated fan ensured a temperature-controlled environment for the dogs. The motion-activated music has a calming effect on the dogs.

Samsung Dog Smart Home

This Samsung Dog Smart Home consists of two main parts—one for relaxing and another for dining. The rest area has soft pillows where dogs can take a cosy nap.

Some of the other features of this smart dog house include the following:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S Tab for the dog’s entertainment
  • Paw-based food dispenser
  • Play Area
  • Treadmill
  • Hydrotherapy pooch-sized pool

T-Pai Smart Doghouse

It is a smart dog house designed to solve the poop cleaning problem of small dogs. This next-gen smart dog house is built with the power of automation and intelligent technology. From auto-cleaning and auto-sanitizing toilets to auto-feeding, this smart house for dogs is just perfect.

Bright Canine Smart Doghouse Custom

This dog-smart home is a cosy and comfortable place for your dog to rest when you are not around. You can customize this smart dog house according to your preferred colour and your dog’s name tag.

Features of this smart home for dogs include:

  • This HD camera is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Automatic waterier
  • Heater/freezer unit
  • Swing door
  • Insulation

Dog Parker

It is a smart dog house that provides a clean and safe environment for your dog. This outdoor smart home for dogs has UVC lights for auto sanitization between uses. This camera connected to a dog smart home can help you keep an eye on your dog even when you are away. Also, if you happen to visit a local shop or store, you can park your dog safely in the dog parker till you are done with the shopping.

5 Smart Devices for Dog House

With the advancements in smart home technology, things for your pet dog at home can be easy and comfortable, just like the tech gadgets and devices have made things easy for you. There are several pet-centric smart home devices available on the market.

1. Smart Food Dispensers

This smart device ensures that your pet dog is well fed on a regular basis when you are away. Your pet will never go hungry with the smart food dispenser. All you need to do is fill the food in the dispenser, and it will dispense meals for your dog at your convenience, all from the power of your smartphone. It also has a voice recording option so that you can record and call your pet dog to eat food.

2. Litter Boxes That Clean Themselves

With the self-cleaning litter box, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the dog litter by hand. The self-cleaning litter box automatically cleans the litter once the dog exits the box.

3. Tracking Devices

Keep track of your dog’s whereabouts in real-time with various tracking devices available on the market.

4. Pet Doors that Open Automatically

This is the key that allows your furry friend to come in and go out of the house whenever they wish to. The automatic pet door ensures no stray animals can get inside the house.

5. Water Bowl with Intelligence

Just like healthy food, fresh water is vital for your pet dog. With this smart water bowl, you can ensure an uninterrupted supply of clean and filtered water for your dog even when you are not in the house.

The smart dog house, along with various smart home devices, is a blessing for you and your pet dog.

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