Heating and Cooling Upgrade Rebate

Reverse-cycle air conditioning is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. Is it costing you a fortune to heat and cool your home? Did you know that inefficient heating and cooling systems can cost up to 40% of your annual energy bill? Nowadays, the most cost-effective way to heat and cool your home is with an efficient reverse-cycle air conditioning system, commonly known as a split system.

Combine it with solar panels, and you’ll have super-low-cost heating and cooling all year. With the addition of a battery, you can heat and chill your home for next to nothing, day or night. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll also save the environment!

Who is Eligible for the $1,000 Rebate?

Owner-occupiers and rental providers can also apply for the $1,000 Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade Rebate if they meet the following criteria:


  • must have a current concession card
  • a combined household income of less than $180,000

Am I Eligible for the Victoria Energy Upgrade Rebate?

This incentive is not based on household income and is available for both upgrades and new systems. To be eligible for a Victoria Energy Upgrade rebate, you must select:

  • A Victoria Energy Upgrade Program-accredited provider
  • An Approved Product

This program’s accredited provider is Specialized Solar & Electrical, which installs approved reverse-cycle air conditioning systems. Please contact us for a price quote.

The amount of reimbursement you can seek through your approved provider is determined by:

  • The type of system you presently have installed
  • The size of the upgrade system

If you are upgrading, the following systems qualify for the biggest rebates:

  • An air conditioner with refrigeration (non-ducted)
  • Electric room heater that is hard-wired

Why are Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioners So Efficient?

Because heat pump technology is used, reverse-cycle air conditioners are extremely efficient. Heat pumps in reverse-cycle air conditioners utilize the ambient heat in the outside air to cool or heat your home. It requires less energy to operate since they transport heat rather than creates it. Heat pumps often create four to six times more energy than they consume. In contrast, an old-fashioned electric heater will consume more energy than it can produce in heat. That is why they are so costly to operate.

The COP rating of a reverse-cycle air conditioning machine can be used to determine its efficiency rating. The Coefficient Of Performance (COP) is a performance number that indicates how efficient a heat pump or air conditioner is at transferring heat in comparison to the quantity of electricity it consumes. The greater the COP value, the more efficient the system. The COP of reverse-cycle air conditioners is normally between 3 and 6. Older, hard-wired electric heating and cooling systems will have a COP of less than 1.

Can I Run My Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioner for Free with Solar?

Yes, you can!

To power your reverse-cycle air conditioner, you’ll need a solar panel system of the appropriate size for your household’s electrical needs. This is something that we can assist you with.

It’s worth noting that some current reverse-cycle air conditioning systems include built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to control them remotely. This enables you to turn on your heating or cooling while at work, utilizing your solar panels to power your air conditioning for free. As a result, you return to a home that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What to Consider When Buying a Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioner?

Here are eight recommendations for selecting the best reverse-cycle air conditioner for your needs – as well as the solar you’ll need to lower your expenditures even more.

  1. Check that the system is properly sized for the space or area it will be heating and cooling.
  2. Make sure it has built-in Wi-Fi so you can turn it on and off remotely with an app.
  3. Check for motion sensors to reduce heating and cooling in the space when no one is there.
  4. Check to see if it has an economy mode.
  5. If you wish to apply for a rebate, make sure it is an eligible product.
  6. Check that the source is approved and completely accredited.
  7. If you haven’t already, get the correct size solar panel system so you can run your reverse-cycle air conditioner for free during the day.
  8. If you want to heat and cool your house for free at night, invest in battery storage.


Contact an expert if you’d like to know more about efficient heating and cooling in your house. We provide and install high-quality reverse-cycle air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial customers. Furthermore, we have the solar knowledge and ability to ensure you receive the greatest solar panels and battery storage systems to power your home heating and cooling.

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