Home Decor Ideas

No wonder we all are about to change some things for the better including our home decor. These home decor ideas present with you some unique yet evergreen interior design ideas so you win the home decor game.

1. Lay It Out

Understand the dimensions and layout of the space you want to decorate. It’s important to get a sense of the layout before you dig in for the drill. You need to understand:

  1. Location of the windows
  2. Where the light pours in
  3. The Position of the doors
  4. Best location for furniture depending on your convenience
  5. Light it right

Once you understand where the light pours in and at what time, you can learn to play around with it. You can then select shades, tones, prints, and drapes or work out a colour palette that best suits the way the light falls in your room. This also significantly influences your moods, so you can accordingly make adjustments in your space.

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2. Heart First, Trends Second

It is great to go by the latest home decor trends because there’s a reason they’re trending. Trends serve a purpose that is unique to the time and the added bonus is the utility. If a trend works for you, you should go with it. However, if your heart is set on that vintage home decor item, just grab it and make the decor adjustments later. Whichever home decor items you purchase, your heart needs to be in it first whether they trend or not. 

3. Mix & Match

Mix colours, textures, fabrics, prints, fairy lights, or minimalist lamps. It’s your space and you can go crazy. A little intuition and an unbiased eye for your friends should be a good grounding technique to ensure that mix ‘n match is working. Experiment but always double-check. Remember, less is more.

4. Less Is More

Minimalism is a great style to adopt when planning for home decor. Keep it classy, chic, and minimal. The fewer items, the more attention to detail, and the easier it is on the eyes – not to forget you have enough breathing room for each object to register. It is easier to create a statement about your unique tastes and life choices. Even while going maximalist, try and avoid more items. The idea is to not clutter but create a balance. 

5. Bend The Rules

You are unique just like your life experiences. That’s why it’s okay to bend the rules, experiment, and find balance in the chaos. If something works for you, looks gorgeous, and radiates that cozy warmth a home needs, be your guest and just go with it!

6. Artsy Walls

Whether it’s a collage of all the trips you have taken, or the best moments with your loved ones, a painting of a yet-to-be-famous artist or a sculpture you just fell in love with, at first sight, add a layer to the way your walls look by using that space in neat geometric layouts. Balance the corners with larger decor items like a vase, sculpture, or a medium-sized installation that you just adore.

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