Spotify is a great music streaming platform around the World. It will be available as Spotify Free and Premium for users. Music lovers listen to their favourite music on the go. Spotify web player and Spotify desktop app are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. But what if Spotify blocked your school and workplace from streaming music? Follow the trick below to get the Spotify web player unblocked at school, the workplace, or any region.

Unblock Spotify at School with a Proxy Server

If you’re a student aiming to get Spotify on a school Chromebook, a Proxy Server is your ticket. This server acts as a middleman between the Spotify app and the internet, letting you sidestep those pesky geographical restrictions.

1. Open Spotify on the school Chromebook, Go to “Settings.”

2. Look for “Proxy Settings” and choose “No proxy” under “Proxy type.”

3. Hit “Restart App,” and voila, Spotify is unblocked at school!

Unblock Spotify in Limited Regions via VPN

If you’re scratching your head about Spotify restrictions in your region, a VPN for Spotify is your solution. This virtual private network lets you access Spotify from anywhere globally by replacing your IP address with that of the VPN server. Follow these steps:

1: Download a VPN app on your device and create an account.

2: Choose a country or region where Spotify isn’t restricted, and turn on the VPN.

3: Launch Spotify, play a song, and there you have it—blocked songs on Spotify are now unblocked.

Unblock Spotify Without a VPN

Concerned about the safety or complexity of unblocking Spotify with a VPN? Fret not! There’s a simpler and safer way with AudKit Spotify Music Converter. This tool lets you unblock Spotify without the need for a VPN, allowing you to download songs, playlists, and albums for offline listening wherever you are.

1. Download and Register AudKit Spotify Music Converter

Simply click on the “Download” icon to install AudKit SpotiLab and register for the full version. You can also try it for free with a minute for each track.

2. Add Spotify Music for Unblocking

Upon opening AudKit Spotify Music Converter, it will automatically launch the Spotify app. Select a song or playlist, then click on “Share” > “Copy Song Link” to import Spotify music to AudKit SpotiLab.

3. Customize the Output Format for Unblocked Spotify

Click on the “Menu” icon in the top right corner, and go to “Preferences” > “Convert”. Choose the output format (MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc.), and adjust the sample rate, bit rate, and channel based on your preference.

4. Start the Conversion to Get Unblocked Spotify

Hit the “Convert” button at the bottom right to convert and download Spotify music. Once done, click on the “File” icon at the bottom to find the downloaded Spotify music in your local folder. Now, you can unblock Spotify without a VPN and enjoy your music offline anywhere.

Why Might Spotify Be Blocked at School, Work, or in Certain Regions?

In educational and workplace settings, streaming music platforms like Spotify might be seen as distractions, potentially disrupting students or hindering productivity. School and workplace leaders often restrict access to entertainment websites, including Spotify, to foster a more focused environment.

Moreover, institutions may have policies in place to control access to specific websites or apps. This is often done to prevent inappropriate content consumption or safeguard the organization’s network from potential security threats.

As for limited regions, licensing agreements with music labels and copyright laws can play a significant role in Spotify’s availability. These agreements dictate where Spotify is legally permitted to operate and what content it can offer in those regions. Additionally, stricter copyright laws in certain countries may pose challenges to Spotify’s operation.


Spotify, a highly acclaimed music streaming service, offers a vast array of songs and podcasts globally. Yet, occasional network constraints or other impediments might hinder your access to the Spotify Web Player. The good news is there are various approaches to overcome these restrictions and unlock the Spotify Web Player at School.

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