How to View Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing

In a digital age dominated by social media, the desire for privacy and discretion is paramount. Many seek ways to view Instagram stories without leaving a trace, and we’re here to provide the definitive solution.

Method 1: Click the Next Instagram Story and Swipe Back

  • Identify the profile whose Story you wish to secretly check on your feed and click on the adjacent profile.
  • Pause the Story by tapping on it, then gently swipe in the direction of the desired Story. This creates the illusion of navigating a 3D box.
  • Exercise caution to avoid swiping too far, as this could alert the user that you’ve viewed their Story.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party App or Website

  • Desktop: Visit, search for the user, and if their profile is public, you can view and download all their current stories.
  • iPhone: Download the Story Reposter app, log in, search for the user, and tap on the folder containing their Instagram Stories.
  • Android: Get the Story Saver app, log in, use the search icon to find the account, and view their Stories in a feed format.

Method 3: Look at Someone’s Instagram Story Using the Airplane Mode

Here’s another method to view Instagram Stories without alerting the user, and it involves using the Airplane Mode on your smartphone:

  • Pre-load the Instagram story or stories you want to watch.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode to disconnect from the internet.
  • Enjoy viewing the Stories while in Airplane Mode.
  • Remember to exit the Instagram app before turning off Airplane Mode to avoid detection.

Method 4: Watch Someone’s Instagram Story With Another Account

To discreetly view someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing, consider creating an anonymous Instagram account. If the target person’s account is private, you may need to send them a connection request. Another approach is to seek assistance from someone else who can view the desired story through their account. Additionally, they can capture a screenshot of the story and share it with you.


Unlocking the mystery of viewing someone’s Instagram story without their knowledge is no longer elusive. Although these solutions aren’t flawless, they provide a valuable shield of privacy until you choose to reveal your engagement and fully savor the stories.

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