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What is NFT Exhibition?

An NFT exhibition is a display of galleries of various NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It may either be in virtual or physical mode.

In NFT art exhibitions, it is possible to view and purchase NFTs from various artists.

An NFT exhibition is usually theme-specific. For example, the NFT exhibition for beginners and the NFT exhibition for expert NFT collectors.

An NFT art exhibition is a great place to buy some NFTs at discounted prices.

People can also explore and learn about the various types of NFTs in an NFT exhibition.

The reason behind the increase in popularity of NFT exhibitions?

NFT art exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular, both in the digital space and real space.

The main reason for the increase in the number of NFT exhibitions is the rapid search results for this concept.

Another reason for the higher number of NFT exhibitions is the ability of NFTs to get higher prices during the exhibition.

The price of the NFT exhibition ‘Portrait of an Era’ increased as much as three times during the NFT art exhibition.

The future of NFT exhibitions

  • Talking about NFT art displays, NFT 2.0 is the next evolution in the world of NFTs.
  • NFT exhibitions are an indispensable part of NFT 2.0.
  • The main reason behind NFT 2.0, a second interest wave in NFTs, is due to rising NFT applications and use cases.
  • NFTs are slowly but surely becoming an indispensable part of day-to-day life from shopping in-store items in video games to buying website domain names.
  • With the increasing demand for NFTs, the number of NFT exhibitions will also increase.
  • NFT exhibitions will become a one-stop destination for viewing and purchasing NFTs.

NFT Show vs. Exhibition

NFT Show

It showcases the work of one or more NFT artists.

Mostly, they have a particular theme or focus.

It is a great way to see the creative work of multiple artists and also to find and follow new artists online.

NFT Exhibition

It is a kind of NFT show that is held in a physical space, which may be a museum, hall, or gallery

NFT exhibitions mainly have a specific theme. For example, NFT exhibitions for donation and NFT exhibitions for seasoned NFT collectors.

At NFT exhibitions, individuals can purchase NFTs and also find some new ones.

What is Utility NFT?

  • A utility NFT is more than just being a unique digital asset.
  • A utility NFT provides the owner privileges, rights, or rewards that otherwise would not be possible.
  • Utility NFTs are unique digital assets that are represented cryptographically and stored in the blockchain.
  • A utility NFT being immutable and transparent, NFT owners can show that it is present in their wallet
  • The demand for utility NFTs has increased 2.4 times over the past few years.

Which are the top Utility NFTs?

Here is a list of the top utility NFTs having real-world quantifiable value.


  • Metakey
  • Niftyville
  • Fractal
  • World of Freight
  • Loot
  • NeoTokyo
  • Axie Infinity

Sports / Gambling

  • NBA Top Shots
  • Slotie
  • Autograph
  • Coinleague


Virtual land

  • Pavia
  • The Sandbox
  • NFTWorlds

Science and Research

  • DNA test by Nebula Genomics
  • Molecule

Fashion/luxury items

  • Jigen
  • Arianee
  • CloneX

NFT Art Utility – A new and emerging NFT market

  • NFT art display is a novel and rising NFT market.
  • The value of an NFT art utility depends on various factors like the market, collector, and artist.
  • An NFT art display may be highly valuable, while another may have no value at all.

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NFTs are an emerging technology that has the power to change the way customers interact with marketplaces, music, games, apps, and online content. The use cases of NFTs, especially utility NFTs are evolving rapidly among consumers. With the increasing demand for NFTs, the number of NFT exhibitions in India is rising continuously.


Namastey NFT was a two-day mega NFT exhibition 2022 that was held in Bengaluru on 14th and 15th May 2022 at the Bangalore Exhibition Centre. This NFT exhibition 2022 brought together NFT artists, influencers, developers, collectors, and pioneers of Web 3.0. More than 300 NFT artists participated in this event.

NFT exhibitions provide a great platform for NFT collectors to learn about the different types of NFTs available in the market.

Image Credit: Quantus Gallery

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