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Working as a self-employed person in a home office can be a great thing or a disaster in your career. Well, the home office facilitates you with many benefits such as the elimination of noise and distractions you may have in the office as well as you don’t need to waste time on getting ready and commuting to the office.

However, if your home office design and energy are not motivating enough, you may end up wasting time with household chores or doing nothing. Thus, we have brought some really helpful home office design ideas. If you are thinking of buying some new home decor stuff to set up your home office, you must keep these ideas in mind. So let’s begin.

What affects the most to our productivity? Well, the answer is the surroundings and the surroundings are made up of space, colour, decor and energy around you. We are going to cover all of them in our home decor guide so you can set up a motivating home office.


Generally, people choose a space in the house which is free such as a store room. This is the worst choice. Don’t choose it because it is free. Also, don’t choose a place which is too comfortable else you would end up sleeping. You can make your own working space in a room you feel more energetic and motivating.


The colour of the walls and furniture both matter in the home décor to create a motivating working space. Keep your personal liking aside and choose green, blue and white. These colours are in the top positions in our home décor style guide because it gives a rich look to your home office as well as spread positive energy to keep you motivated.


The décor plays a really important role to make you feel productive or drowsy. The best home office design ideas are to add posters or pictures that inspire you to do more. You can get a tabletop momentum.

Make sure the furniture compliments the setup. The thing to be kept in mind is, don’t buy a lot of stuff to make the office filled as it will end up looking cluttered. Also, there will be very less space left, which will make you struggle more and get irritated with not enough space.


Perfect lighting and positioning of the things are very important while you are exploring home office design ideas. The working space must get enough light all the time. It shouldn’t be too dark or too bright. If you have windows, make sure to use curtains so the distraction from lights and/or air can be avoided.

Position your chair in the power position in a way that the door can be seen easily from your desk. Keep your working space at a possible distance from the kitchen and bedroom. These are the top home office design ideas and if you will apply them, you will definitely be able to achieve what you are looking for, a productive routine.


Think outside the box with the organisation. Always prioritize a good storage space, check perfect lightning, and subtle colours and the important point is to create a more motivating space than the aesthetic one. Thus, these are the point to keep in mind before you design your home office

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