‘Jewellery is the best friend of every woman’ & one couldn’t resist agreeing with it. Are you aware of the fact that the Kamarband is one of the most important fashion statements for brides? So, as a bride, you’d have your jewellery all set up. But you are forgetting one of the most important things is “ Kammarband” which will enhance the overall look of your outfit and will add an oomph factor to even a minimalistic bridal look which nowadays is very trending.

To help you along with that, there are a lot of kamarband designs which you could technically go for and easily make your outfit look better than most of the people on the occasion. Our “Indian Waistband” has ruled the fashion world for a long time with its amazing designs.

So, Here is the list of trendy as well as traditional Kamarband designs for you :

1. Kundan Kamarband

Kundan jewellery has a different fan base altogether. The Kundan Kamarband looks elegant and exudes a proper ethnic look. Kundan’s happen to be the most favourite and latest trend for Indian brides to flaunt at their weddings and on different occasions. Along with that, the designs are intricate and the layered strands of the Kamarband in Kundan bring a whole new charm to it, giving it an amazing style and a unique look, which would put most of the outfits at the party at shame. You can don this gorgeous waist chain at any wedding-related function and we are sure that you will gather loads of compliments.

2. Silver thin waist chain

Silver Waist chains are the most preferred ornaments that complement both ethnic as well as modern outfits. Anyone looking for ornaments that won’t look gaudy or will loudly ask for attention when you are wearing a heavy outfit then a silver waist chain is the ideal type of waist chain for you. It also falls into the category of fancy Kammarband designs. The best part is that one will easily get a wide range of options for thin silver waist chains also called silver Kamarband. From modern ethnic designs to chic contemporary designs, you name it and will get it easily.

3. Perl Kamarband

Pearl Kamarbands are elegant, and classy and are a great accessory to up your fashion game. You can pick a simple single-stranded pearl belly chain or can go for multi-layered Kamarbands. Generally, Perl Kamarbands are more likely to be used by south Indian brides. It looks very classy and compliments their kanjivaram saree. If you are wearing a simple traditional outfit, you should ideally choose a multi-layered stone-studded pearl Kamarband that will catch everyone’s eye at the wedding.

4. Gold Metal Belt / Gold Kamarband

  There is no better ornament for a woman than gold. Gold happens to be the biggest factor for women to have the royalty she deserves. No other Kamarband can match up with the Gold Kamarband. If you are into more latest trends, then you might have a special place in your heart for the Gold Metal Belt. So many brides like to wear their gold ornaments than the rented ones it does gives the sober look but in a classier way. These trendy versions of Kamarbands are perfect for all the fashionistas who desire to flaunt an off-beat look at any function. The chic and elaborate design of these waist chains makes them perfect for a traditional as well as any modern outfit.

5. Multi-layered Kamarband

If a bride decides to wear a low waist lehenga or saree that perfectly flaunts their waistline then she should pick a multilayered Kamarband. There are two types of kamarbands one is a gold multi-layered Kamarband and the other one is a silver multi-layered Kamarband. so, if one’s outfit has golden embroidery, then you should go for a gold plated waist chain and If your outfit has bold and vibrant colors, then stick to silver multi-layered waist chains.


Kamarband is a stunning piece of jewellery that perfectly highlights your waistline and compliments your outfit fully. The creative trend will instantly add a dash to any special occasion. So, If you are planning to flatter it on your wedding day, the above mention types will help you level up your style.

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