Hair Styling Powder

Is it true that powder has a part that performs on your hair? You may have used a variety of powders on your face and body. But does it also play a role in your hair? Don’t be surprised, but it does. Indeed, a crucial one! Hair styling powder are a subset of the Men’s Cosmetics meta trend. Over the previous five years, searches for “guys skincare regimen” have increased by 700%. Because it makes thinning hair look fuller and thicker, this product is popular among men.

What is Hair Styling Powder?

Hair Styling powder, also known as texturizing and mattifying powders, adds a lot of volume and texture to the hair. They usually look like baby powder and come in little shaker bottles. Rough particles, such as silica silylate or rice powder, are used in hair powders to create a matte texture by increasing friction between hair strands. In addition to the base texturizer, chemicals such as kaolin clay absorb moisture and oil, increasing the volume even more. However, for the first time, this type of product launched in India.

Why is Hair Styling Powder Trending?

Hair styling powder has grown partly due to organic and paid social media marketing campaigns (videos mentioning the product have over 748 million views on TikTok). Trending DTC startups that have recently launched hair styling powders include Slick Gorilla and Osis Plus.

It is for people who enjoy styling their hair but do not want to damage it. Because it is an innovation, hair styling powder for men is a one-stop solution for all types of hair styling concerns. We all know that baby powder is a terrific trick for this, but it cannot hold the hair for the entire day owing to sweat. Furthermore, it is designed for soft newborn skin, not scalp skin.

 Why Use Hair Styling Powder?

Hair styling powder for men is one of the most versatile hair styling products on the market due to its ability to give your hair structure without weighing it down.

It is a lightweight solution that may instantly texturize and volumize your hair. It will give you a fuller and more natural appearance.

We are convinced that if you follow the above step-by-step guide for how to apply hairstyle powder, you will be pleased with how your hair looks all day.

How to Use Hair Styling Powder

Prep Your Hair 

Although not always necessary, we recommend taking a shower before applying volume powder for great results. Clean hair is frequently seen as the cornerstone of a fantastic style. Furthermore, before applying hair styling powder, make sure your hair is totally dry. Take our word for it: wet hair and dry powder do not mix.

Apply Hair Styling Powder

Now that your hair has been washed and prepared for styling. Let us go over how to use volume powder step by step.

If you’re unsure how much hair powder to use, start with 1-2 shakes in your hands – a little goes a long way here. You can also apply your men’s hair styling powder by parting your hair with a comb and sprinkling it directly into your scalp if desired.

Then, just rub the powder into your hair, being sure to reach the roots. There should be some friction, but if you can’t run your hands through your hair, you’ve probably used too much.

Style Your Hair

Finally, using your hands, style and direct your hair. Feel free to apply a few more dashes of powder wherever you see fit, especially if you have long hair. If you’re having trouble getting the look you desire with your volume/texturizing powder, try a pre-styler if you have thin hair. Each product will contribute to increased volume, however, one product alone may not be sufficient.

What are the benefits of using Hair Styling Powder?

  • Ease of use – simply tap a little powder into your palms or directly into dry hair and manipulate it into the desired style. Compared to other hairstyle products kinds that need significantly more time, it is easy, quick, and oh-so-very effective.
  • Hairstyle powders are lightweight and do not melt in hot conditions, making them ideal for usage this summer.
  • Reworkable style – While hair powders add volume and texture, the formula’s rework ability is what makes it so popular. Need to quickly tidy up your quiff after taking off your sweatshirt or removing your helmet after your morning bike commute? Hair powder is not a problem.
  • Matte-effect – currently popular, hair powders are matte by nature and give the hair a fuller, natural look without any extra shine. Perfect!

Is Hair Styling Powder Bad for Our Hair?

Hair styling powder for volume or texture is deemed safe for hair if used for one to three days and then rinsed off. It’s also not advised for long-term, constant use because it can cause hair strands to dry out. However, when used as directed and regularly, styling powders are completely safe for hair.

Any hair powder will be drying, but it is acceptable for occasional use. Because the hair chalk sits on the surface, it is less harmful to the hair than colouring. Dye, on the other hand, opens the hair cuticle and weakens it.

In Conclusion

Volumizing hair powder or hair styling powder performs admirably, but customers are advised to follow the product’s instructions. The directions included in the packaging will guide you through the process. In general, wash the powder out of your hair within 1-3 days of use and avoid using it too frequently.

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